We’ve talked a bit about gaming in Windows 8 before. There are some strong positives and strong negatives to making the switch if you are a gamer.

As a positive, you get a faster operating system which could translate to smoother performance out of the latest and greatest gaming titles to hit the market.

You also get the latest version of DirectX, which might not even make its way over to Windows 7. There are also newer drivers for video cards, and the list comes on.

Unfortunately, there are downsides, too. The biggest downside is early bugs in some games that have to do with video card driver changes. There is another issue that is sometimes overlooked. Not everyone is into the “latest and greatest” games.

Some of us enjoy the classics from the early 00s, 90s and even older. Every time a new version of Windows comes out, games that rely on older code from prior versions of Windows might find themselves no longer working.

The good news is that even if Microsoft doesn’t have our legacy gaming needs fully covered, there are 3rd parties out there that understand the need for legacy gaming support such as GOG.com. This site is all about older games, many of which were designed for MS-DOS, Windows 9X and other versions of Windows.

These GOG.com games are optimized to run on Windows Vista and 7. That being said, the same compatibility wasn’t on offer for Windows 8, until now.

If you are into picking up classic games from these bygone eras, you will be happy to know that they will work for Windows 8 now as well. The bad news is that GOG.com isn’t some free compatibility layer that makes your old vintage PC-CDROM games work, you do have to rebuy some of these older games.

That said, the pricing is pretty cheap and for the chance to relive some of your favorite legacy moments, it might certainly be worth it. Keep in mind these games will still run in the desktop mode though, and won’t work with Windows RT.

Have you ever used GoG for your legacy gaming needs? Are you glad to know that it now guarantees full compatibility with Windows 8 as well?

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