So just like that, BUILD 2014 has come and gone.

Microsoft share plenty of plans for the present, some insights for the future, and a vision or two for the times ahead. Overall, April 2 and 3 were the days where Redmond announced a slew of improvements to the current platforms; a number of them overdue, while others very much welcome.

Here is the shortest of roundups of the tallest deals:

  • Windows Phone 8.1 is shaping up to be the update to end all updates
  • Windows 8.1 Update, as it is now known, basically improves keyboard and mouse usage
  • The Start Menu is coming back, in one shape or another, soon enough
  • .NET Native reduces memory footprint of apps, while improving loading times by 60 percent
  • Unified Apps for PC, phone and gaming consoles promise to be the next big thing
  • New UI for Windows Store should bring back some of the lost sparkle
  • DirectX 12, while a few leagues, away is shaping up to be a total game changer
  • Windows In The Car concept is development done right
  • Nokia Lumia 930 is all set to be the new fan favorite
  • Windows Azure got its usual list of regular improvements

In total there were 55 new announcements all adding up to the excitement of what the future holds.

And while the company stopped shy of talking about Windows 9 or the convergence of the Modern UI with the desktop that the next full version of the operating system is set to bring, overall the event was a solid 8. Just shy of earth shattering!

What do you guys think? Liked what you say at BUILD 2014? Comment away!

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  1. Big success from my point of view. I think your rating of an 8 was fair, Phillip. However, I may even have it a little higher at an 8.5. Lack of windows 9 cant put it above a 9. :p

    • Nice one, Jason. 😉 I agree with both of you I think it’s somewhere in between 8-9. Overall, I think it was a good conference. Let’s make it a 10 next year.

  2. In my opinion, it was a 9, Phillip. They didn’t mention windows 9, but did everything else I wanted. That’s why I only deducted a point.

  3. Hit the nail on the head, Phillip. 8 is exactly the number I had in my head. It had a lot of hype going in and they did a lot of good things, but overall it was good, not great.

  4. 8.1 🙂

  5. I give them an 8.1 LOL. I thought they deserved an 8. They made some mistakes and there were some missteps. There were some things in the WP8.1 update they didn’t highlight, plus people were a little upset they didn’t talk about the “future of Windows” more. They need to make the next one even bigger. IT was a great show, especially day 1. All the presenters had a lot of energy and good stage presence.

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