One Analyst Thinks Microsoft Is Likely To Announce An Unexpected CEO

While the film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was big news in 2012, it appears that Redmond is planning for a little an unexpected journey of its very own this year.

The search for a new Microsoft CEO has entered a bit of a serene phase these past few weeks, with nary a rumor, and scant speculation on who is going to take the hot seat. It is almost as if some people already know that a choice has been made.

And maybe it is, as one analyst seems to suggest.

Colin Gillis, an analyst with BGC Partners that keeps tabs on Microsoft business, recently said in a note that the technology titan is quite likely to go with an unexpected CEO — someone that is, what he believes, a person that stays the course, just with better execution.

Here is the exact quote from the analyst:

“What I’ve been saying is it’s probably going to be someone whose name we haven’t heard of.”

So if this happens, it could quite likely mean that Bill Gates will be involved more in the business going forward, and work closely with whoever takes charge as the new CEO.

The names in the race have not exactly changed, by the way, with Satya Nadella still said to be the frontrunner to take over from Steve Ballmer. Other internals in the mix include Kevin Turner, Kevin Bates and former Nokia boss Stephen Elop.

Microsoft is expected to make a public announcement on the new appointment in a couple of weeks.