Not everyone loves Windows 8 or Windows RT. There have been quite a few articles out there discussing why you should avoid Windows 8 or even Windows RT altogether.

Most of the negative articles about the Surface RT and other Windows 8/RT devices have been complaints about the new UI or how the idea of a dual-UI system isn’t great, etc.

While I don’t agree with many of these negative articles, I can at least admit they generally have some points and at times I don’t 100 disagree with some of the issues mentioned. That said, a new article by business magazine, INC, is one of those articles I simply can’t agree with.

Basically, its writer says that the Microsoft Surface will fail because Windows itself is a flawed, virus-prone OS that won’t work for businesses and that anyone considering a Surface should rethink the decision. The article never talks about whether the writer is referring to the Windows RT or Windows 8 version, but instead sounds like he is lumping them together as one in the same.

The writer talks about getting a virus on his Windows 7 computer and how it was a nightmare, and that is reason enough to avoid Surface. Forget the built-in virus protection or that viruses for traditional Windows won’t necessarily affect Windows RT.

The writer also talks about applications for Windows being unstable, but never mentions that the Surface RT doesn’t use these older supposedly unstable apps. He also mentions past Microsoft failures, including Windows CE– which I don’t know if I’d consider a failure considering it has played a pretty big role in Microsoft’s Windows mobile development over the years.

The article ends as following:

Even if the Surface were the Ferrari of tablet environments (which it’s not) overlaying an extra user interface atop Windows is like bolting a Ferrari body to the rusted out chassis of a 1985 Pontiac.

This is certainly worth a read, just to see what the writer had to say. Now here is the question, does anyone agree with the writer’s argument, or do you think it is merely written by someone who doesn’t fully understand the difference between Windows 8, RT and the Windows variants of old?

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  • HaveNot

    NOT worth a read because it adds to the author’s click count and literally feeds the troll.

  • Martin Gumucio

    All I needed to see was the line “Windows won’t work for businesses”. I don’t think I need to read more.

  • swbuehler

    Hah. Windows CE is _still_ being widely used in mobile data collection. Heck, even Apple Stores were initially using Windows Mobile handhelds for on-the-floor checkouts before they got an app written to use on their iOS devices. My first handheld with a Casio Cassiopeia running Windows CE 2.x and I it was great for preparing my invoices with Pocket Excel while kicking back with dinner at Disneyland years ago (when an annual pass was actually affordable). I’ve moved on to Android since then, but I’ve still got an iPAQ sitting around that actually gets use from time to time.

  • Anthony Riddle

    Please explain how you can contract a virus on Windows RT? It’s not possible. You aren’t allowed to install any piece of software outside of the Windows store. Unless the contaminated file is in the store itself then there is no possible way to get one.