OneDrive Blocked In China, Report

It had to eventually happen. When you block one thing, nothing stops a cycle from starting. But then again, it really is the easy way out, no wonder so many countries do one type of blocking or other.

China is giving quite a few problems to Microsoft, starting with the government ban on Windows 8, followed up by the recent outlawing of the Office productivity suite — which the software titan has been quick to deny, even releasing a statement.

But this new restriction is on the OneDrive storage service, in pretty much all parts of the country.

And this time it has got nothing to do with security, or rather allegations of spying. Reports indicate that several services have been blocked in China following a prodemocracy protest in Hong Kong. Politics, it is then, sheer politics.

So anyway, OneDrive is not alone here.

A post on, a portal that aims to bring transparency to the Great Firewall of China and monitors all blocked website in the country confirms that many other popular online services are inaccessible from the country, including Flickr, Instagram and LINE.

The idea behind this blockage is to prevent news on the protests to spread across the country, and the government thinks that banning these popular online services is the way to go.

Which really is not, because people will find some other way to communicate.

No comments from Microsoft on this, or a confirmation at that, but chances are that Redmond will keep quiet on the matter as long as OneDrive is unblocked in due course.

But one can hope for some good news soon, and that the ban, if true, is lifted in the coming days.

  • Shengbin Meng


  • W4rb1rd

    Lifted? Unlikely! 16th June and still blocked.