OneDrive For Amazon Fire Phone Now Available

Nice to see some hustle. Skype and OneDrive are two Microsoft solutions that get actively updated when it comes to new features and applications. And for good reason too.

This, in many ways is a differentiating factor for Microsoft. While Apple and Google are happy to lock most of their software to their own devices and platforms, Redmond is keen to see users try out its products and services no matter what software or hardware they are using.

The latest is that the software titan has released a version of the official OneDrive client on the Amazon Appstore, making the cloud storage service available for users that own an Amazon Fire smartphone.

This is the second major app Microsoft has released for the platform, and follows the launch of the OneNote app on Amazon branded devices late last month.

And just like that one, the OneDrive app can be accessed on both Kindle Fire tablets and the Kindle Fire phone, and fans of these devices can now download and use it for free, in order to get access to all their files, while on the move.

The OneDrive application is also available on almost all other major platforms, including PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and now these two Amazon devices.

You can grab the app from here.