Fully aware that the competition is getting tough, and the time to make big moves is now (or never), Microsoft has recently increased its focus on Apple platforms.

And fans of the fruity company are reciprocating this attention, and how.

Shareholders that have been pressurizing the new management at Redmond to expand horizons of key products to other platforms will be very pleased with this result — the recently released OneNote for Mac has very quickly become very popular on the Mac Store.

As The Verge points out, it seems that Mac users are really pleased with the features Microsoft has built into its own apps and services. Its solutions have gained notable popularity in the past few days.

There are currently 3 Microsoft apps in the top 13 on this app repository.

These include the official OneNote and OneDrive clients, along with the company’s Remote Desktop application. The positive feedback is enough to push OneNote to take over the leading position in the important “Best New Apps” chart.

It is also currently the number one “Top Free” application on the Mac Store.

More importantly, this is a clear indication that bringing Office on iPad is a smart decision. There are some voices that say that Microsoft is late to the party. But hey, better late than never!

Fingers crossed we have more details on Office for iPad next week.

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  1. Yet another example of Microsoft outdoing apple as far as business and useful applications go. You can have all the dumb games and anything else you want, but apps like these are the ones that truly matter.

  2. Bill Franklin / March 21, 2014 at 9:36 am /Reply

    Elaine, you can afford to be late to the party when you have the best thing to offer everyone. As indicated by the picture, Microsoft has the best application and product (office) to add to computers and tablets, so whenever they offer it won’t matter. It’ll always be successful.

  3. Great app. On a separate note, who pays that much money for keynote. I’ve never used it, but it seems like a rip off.

  4. That’s a beautiful sight! All those apps apple raves about and Microsoft gives them the haymaker! Awesome app and even better news!

  5. It’s rare, especially with apple, to find an app that’s both useful and free. Usually, it’s one or the other, but this merges both and it’s outstanding. Thank you, Microsoft.

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