They say Windows Phone users are the most loyal bunch around, and now we have proof. When it comes to switching to iPhone 6, only a fraction of Windows Phone users are entertaining the idea.

Microsoft’s mobile OS has figures of just 3% here.

As a comparison, 6% of BlackBerry users are thinking about making the switch, while surprisingly, the corresponding figure for Android smartphone owners is 5%.

It does show that no matter how few, there are people that are open to the idea of switching platforms even in this day and age. Obviously, this switch of allegiance comes with the hassle of buying and downloading of apps again on the new platform.

But on the whole, a large selection of users are loyal to a particular OS.

By the way, these numbers have been revealed in a survey from Survata, a market research firm that works with Fortune 100 companies. This new study comes in the light of the looming iPhone 6 launch, which is more or less a day away as of this writing.

The least interested of the bunch are Windows Phone users, meaning Microsoft surely enjoys the most loyal fan base, with only a fraction of users are interested in the iPhone 6.

As expected, the highest percentage of people that will upgrade to the new smartphone are Apple users. First up are iPhone 5 owners, with 36%. Next, 18% of iPhone 5S owners, and some 15% of iPhone 5C users are also thinking about switch to the new model.

What about you folks? Any of you switching to iPhone 6 from Windows Phone?

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  • Dennis

    Good news, but expected for me. Odds are, most Windows Phone users are aware of iPhones and chose the Windows Phone over it. Because of that, I don’t see many leaving for the next iPhone.

    • CaraMa

      Agree completely Dennis! Makes perfect sense to me. Good news either way.

  • WillyThePooh

    I used to get excited when people took out their iphone. But not any more as I am pretty tired of the same look all the time.