Soon after the introduction of Windows 8, Microsoft brought forward a very special promotion for Windows 7 users to upgrade to the latest operating system after launch — for just $14.99.

PC buyers who had bought a computer between June 2, 2012 and January 31, 2013 were eligible for this special price tag, as long as they register for the promotion on the official website Microsoft had created for this. They had until the end of the month to register.

This puts it at only two days remaining for those that want to avail the offer.

The acquired new computer must come with the following version of Windows 7 — Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate.

Of course, you may recall a little loophole that allowed buyers to register for a copy of Windows 8 even if they had not bought a Windows 7 PC, simply by, let’s just say, lying.

We covered this gap here when it was first unearthed. And yes, before you get any funny ideas, Microsoft was quick to patch the bug as soon as news came out.

Nevertheless this is your final chance to make the move to Microsoft’s latest operating system at such a price, at least for now.

If you have been holding out the upgrade, but want to avail it, then point your browser at this website to grab your very own copy of Windows 8.

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