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Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer might have called Linux a cancer that attached itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches, but the company seems to have embraced the concept in recent times.

In fact, when it comes to the Azure platform, Redmond is more than willing to get closer to developers and promote the cloud infrastructure as a much more appealing product for open source coders.

Mark Hill, a Microsoft veteran of 22 years recently talked about how the technology giant is trying to showcase the advantages of developing open source applications on Azure.

Microsoft is, Hill says, is providing developers with all the resources they need in this regard:

Web Hosting

“We have a group of individuals who are residents around the world who are open-source practitioners that we’ve recruited from the community. They are our subject matter experts, and they’ve been helping us engage — and help Microsoft become more aware of that community… But given their healthy knowledge of open source and their connections, we’re changing roles to try and make Microsoft more responsive and to make sure that we appeal to that community at large.”

The company is offering developers the tools, training and advice to run open source tools on Azure, and all things considered, this is a very welcome change of attitude from one of the largest software companies in the world.

Now we wait whether this transitions to other solutions beside Azure.

Web Hosting
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  1. I think Microsoft was right to way so long. People like to make open source out to be much more of a great thing than it really is. It benefits the world of tech and it’s users, but people treat it like some sort of tech savior. There are benefits and drawbacks to everything, and people need to stop trying to make it sound like perfection.

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