Optimizing Your PC for Speed Under Windows Eye On Windows

Optimizing Your PC for Speed Under Windows

Every computer slowly become slower over times, that’s a natural process, even if it worries many people, and even if it can really get on your nerves when you’re trying to do some serious work once in a while. That’s because generally, computers are supposed to be faster than manual workers, and when this happens to not be the reality, many people get frustrated, and throw out their machine sooner or later. That’s of course completely unnecessary, because every computer can be saved from being obsolete easily, it’s just up to you to find out how and to do it then accordingly. Let me explain how to clean and optimize your PC correctly using the right set of tools.


First of all you will have to look through the problems of your PC. It depends entirely on what kind of problem you have, which tools we will be using to solve your problems. Problems such as crashes are caused by general settings which are not set to the right value, or missing files, or corrupted hard disks, or a combination of all of these. The simplest solution to fix a PC who crashes a lot is to reinstall the whole operating system anew, and that’s unfortunately the only thing which really helps since after years of use it can be quite difficult, even for a professional, to find out what exactly is wrong with your PC, and often the problems are caused by so many different factors than simple reinstallation is the easiest and shortest route to a new functioning PC. Of course you don’t have to do this, you can also wait until your PC becomes completely unusable and then throw it away. Your choice.


If your PC is stable however, and your only real problem is getting it up to speed so you can work longer, better and more smoothly again, the main reasons for this is a bloated operating system. That’s anything from misplaced files, files which aren’t needed, full trash, and other problems like bad shortcuts or wrong entries in the database of your PC called the registry. In this case, the best fix for your PC is to download and startup a full-fledged PC optimization suite which guarantees that everything imaginable will be tried to make your PC faster again, from throwing out useless files to reorganizing the files you have on your disk as well as reorganizing shortcuts and fixing registry entries. The latter one, the fix reg function, is among the most needed for older PCs, and it can make a huge difference for your PC speed if you use it on any given PC. Of course all of these features should be included in one simple suite because an amateur will have problems resolving these individual issues himself, and so you should try doing it the easy way and getting a proven to work software like Errorfix or something comparable. Be sure to check out the internet on different tips to customize the settings of your PC for maximum performance in any given operating system version.

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