Redmond took off the preview label from its email service on Tuesday morning, signaling it to be out of beta testing stage. At that time the company announced the service had 60 million users who signed up for it during the preview phase.

Not to mention the company is splashing some dough to advertise its free email service, and it appears that the company’s marketing efforts are paying dividends. received a wave of new signups since officially launching.

So much so that Microsoft managed to set a new record for new signups in a day — no less than 1.5 million new users signed up for the service in one day. The team shared the news in a short (but sweet) tweet saying:

“And for the more than 1.5 million of you who joined since our launch last night, welcome and thank you!”

Of course, Redmond would want thing to only pick up pace from here as it continues to advertise and promote its email service. Microsoft recently confirmed that several new advertisements are set to go live in the coming months all over the world to promote

All the while Microsoft’s Scroogled campaign against Google is in full swing (to mixed results, some may say), this time targeting Gmail users and enticing them to sign up for

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  1. Although I use the Mail app for all my e-mail accounts, but if one ever has to use the site, it is indeed superb change!

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