So I just wrote about the new All In One’s that Samsung will be rolling out soon.

In doing research for that, I noticed something curious.

It seems that OEM’s are now free to “help” consumers with the perceived complexity of Windows 8.

Samsung are releasing something called an S-Launcher.

From Mashable:

The all-in-one PCs Samsung unveiled this morning are the first Windows machines to sport the S Launcher, a simple widget that acts just like the old start button: Click, start typing (say “keyboard”) and it instantly shows you the settings and apps that relate to your term. There’s also a separate settings icon for quick access to the most commonly needed controls.

Sure, Windows 8 has native ways to search your system and call up settings, but as others have observed it’s not always in the most intuitive places. To anyone who’s been using Windows for a long time (read: the whole world), Samsung’s S Launcher is like seeing an old friend in a new country — it’s very reassuring. 


Samsung S-launcher

Samsung S-launcher

This is a BIG RED FLAG for Windows 8 as far as I am concerned. I have absolutely no idea how Microsoft let this go.

It seems like Redmond has absolutely no message discipline and consistency when it comes to some of these Operating System features.

Here’s the deal and this is real simple, it’s binary – Either:

  1. Windows 8 RTM is good enough for consumers as-is OR
  2. Windows 8 RTM needs help and it’s not quite good enough

Even though I have disagreed with some of the key components of this Operating System before, I have been grudgingly impressed by Microsoft’s full speed ahead attitude.

  • Start menu – Gone.
  • Boot to Desktop – No.
  • New name for Metro – Yes.

I didn’t agree but respected the (pseudo) decisiveness.

Now, here we have what may possibly be the crack that begins the narrative – Windows 8 needs help.

When Stardock make a third party application to bring back the start menu, you shrug and say “well, that’s a third party app”.

When Samsung, a Microsoft “partner” is allowed to “help users out” by augmenting Windows 8, it sends a DISASTROUS message to the world.

It says Microsoft does not believe that Windows 8 is good enough – PERIOD.

Can you imagine an Apple product with an “enhancement” from a third party? That would be absurd!

Once you let Samsung do this, then IMAGINE what types of other BS launchers and enhancements will be added by other OEM’s?

This has to stop!

I am predicting that if Microsoft doesn’t stop this crap ASAP – it will be the end of any perception of Windows 8 as a paradigm shifting Operating System.

OK, my rant’s over – what do you think?

Use the comments below.


About the Author

Onuora Amobi is the Founder and VP of Digital Marketing at Learn About The Web Inc. Onuora has more than a decade of information security, project management and management consulting experience. He has specialized in the management and deployment of large scale ERP client/server systems.

In addition to being a former Microsoft MVP and the founder and editor of, he is the CEO of a Pasadena based online marketing education startup - Learn About The Web Inc. ( and The Redmond Cloud (

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  • 123321

    there must be a mistake:
    there aren’t any Gadgets in win8 anymore.

    anyway. i completely agree with you. Microsoft should stop things like that. otherwise all of the OEMs start again on putting crapsoftware which nobody needs on their devices. those things destroy the user experience of Windows 8. please Microsoft just make win8 perfect and stop things like the ‘S Launcher’

    • Onuora Amobi

      I know right?

    • Petey

      TOTALLY AGREE: I am going to purchase this software but if its not made by Microsoft I will can it.

    • Rodney Longoria

      I totally agree with you. That’s why I’m getting Microsoft’s Surface Windows 8 Pro, and it better not have any crap on it like this (which I know it won’t — thank God!).

  • Little John

    I tried Stardock start button, it left to many thing behind since I like to use right click on computer to open manager or prosperities. Click in corner for Metro or Modern with Stardock button got in the way. As for going from Metro to desktop back to Metro isn’t a problem with me. You can toggle between screens by windows key or mouse click in left hand corner.

    • Onuora Amobi

      A lot of people still think it’s too complex.

      • 123321

        a lot of people still din’t really used win8 for a week or more they just tried it a day or two.

        • Rodney Longoria

          I tried the Consumer Preview for a couple of days, went back to Windows 7 (dual boot), and tried the Release version after it came out. Now using Enterprise Eval, and love it! The only time I use 7 now is to sync my HTC phone (which doesn’t work in 8 yet). Other than that, I’m dumping 7 altogether once Windows 8 ships in October.

  • G

    It doesnt really bother me, I’ve already decided that Win8 is a tablet and phone O/S and will simply ignore it as a desktop/laptop solution.

    This all sounds like MS has actually heard the commotion and then Samsung have said to them ‘look, its not working, despite what you say’ so MS have said ‘ OK, but we cant change it now, it would look bad after what we’ve said’ so MS and Samsung have agreed to let Samsung do what should have been done in the first place, and provide a stepping stone app.

    I agree though, MS need to stop OEM’s adding their bloatware to kit. All that it means is that IT people like me have to remove it all before deploying the kit to the users!

    Samsung seems to have made a good move here. Shame MS still have their heads in the sand though!

    • Onuora Amobi

      Yeah, it may be the beginning of bloatware…

    • Ben

      Ignoring it means that Microsoft has lost the entire battle, if millions do the same as you. MS simply cannot win in smartphone-land, its too late. If they lose the desktop or have another “Win 7” experience, it may be all over…

    • mike

      I have been using W8 since release. I found it different to start with but i am becoming more impressed as i adapt it to me. It is fast, brought life back to old machines and laptops, although the full version will judge some of these devices no good although they work greta now. As a PC only person i find it much more intuative once used to it. People resisty change but i realise how this version goes across all platforms and allows us recognition no matter the hardware used on. I vote it a step forward. JUST, no more controlling how we use it. I want to crash it it i have to. I do NOT WANT a NANNY apple type overlord protecting me from myself.

  • Reality

    I think that there was essentially one good fact out of this whole article and that was the picture. I don’t get why anyone feels like they have the right to complain because like it or not, you didn’t invent Windows and you don’t own it. If you don’t like Windows 8, don’t get it. If you don’t like Samsung, stop buying their product. Then go out and complain that you are using old software on devices made with technology that is one step behind.

    • Onuora Amobi


      That’s funny.

    • David

      Somebody’s never heard of “The Customer is Always Right”. Where do you get the idea that no one has the right to complain about the software they use? No, I won’t be buying a copy of Win8. Besides, if nobody discusses what is wrong with it, how will Microsoft know what to fix?

  • almulder

    Well this is nothing new that OEM’s are doing. They have always Enchanced (or at least that’s what they want you to believe) windows when they release there PC. Ya most of the time it’s bloat ware. But other times it is very functional. I go through that everytime I get a new Laptop. I format and install only what I want. But many times I find myself installing a few of the enhancements because that’s why they are.

    No OS has ever been a one size fits all. That’s what’s great about Microsoft. They alow OEM’S to add software to try and make it more user friendly to their target market. Regulardless of what they want to add to it. It becomes a selling point for that OEM to say look what I got.

    Now if Microsoft was to also start selling PCs and not just a tablet then that might go away then again it might not. Microsoft would be like look at what we have. No bloat ware.

    My 2 cents.

    • Onuora Amobi

      Yeah but it totally goes against all the earlier talk about Microsoft removing the ability to add the start menu back.

      Why go to the trouble?

  • Oliver

    I completely disagree with some of the things you say towards the end. For example:

    “Can you imagine an Apple product with an “enhancement” from a third party? That would be absurd!”

    Since when do Apple let third parties use their OS? This isn’t Samsung messing about with Microsoft’s Surface – it’s Samsung’s own device(s). I think the real reason Microsoft have allowed this is not for lack of faith in the software, but because they want to allow each individual OEM to differentiate their products, so there’s a real reason people buy a Samsung over a Dell, for example. With seemingly all previous versions of Windows, and indeed with Windows Phone, there has been little difference between different manufacturers, but I think they’re learning from Android’s great range, and I think and hope that they take the same mentality with regards to Windows Phone 8 too.

    • Onuora Amobi

      Apple doesn’t (obviously) let third parties “enhance” their UI.

      That’s the point.

      Samsung own the hardware, Microsoft own the software. Seems to me that if OEM’s have to “help” consumers, the OS hasn’t done it’s job.

      The only one truly helping consumers should be Microsoft IMHO.

  • M.van Veluwen

    First thing that i do with a new O.S. is tweaking it.
    Did it with all Windows versions, so that the GUI looks like i am used to work with all the other Windows versions.

    So why being so mad, when Samsung does what i do for years.

    • Onuora Amobi

      Because it sends a horrible message.

    • ScriptMania

      Same here.

      First thing i do when a new O.S. commes out, is tweaking it.
      Making it the way that works the best for me.
      First thing i would do, making it directly go to the desktop i am used to.
      And not first clicking on the desktop icon, to be able to go there.

  • Andy

    Think you may be over reacting a little. This is just a start widget that most users will remove along with all the other bloat-ware that OEM’s add.

    Can’t really see how it’s an admission by MS that Win-8 is not good enough. I’m sure MS know that Win-8 is a big step for inexperienced users and if OEM’s want to add a little help to their users then that’s fine.

    Anyways, Samsung will be history in a few months after they’ve paid Apple so no worries…. 😉

    • Onuora Amobi


      Thanks for the comment.

      A valid point of view.



      I completely agree with your point.
      It’s just simply a widget. And Samsung is merely trying to get the those people’s attention who are of the opinion that ‘Missing Start Button’ is outrageously option & they can’t live without it.

      Metro Screen does the same in an even more intuitive & efficient manner. IMHO, I don’t feel like missing the ‘Start’ Button.

    • Rodney Longoria

      Andy, have you seen the stock market yet today? Samsung’s stock went up high enough to pay that fine alone today due to their IFA new products announcements. They could pay five times the fine amount and not break a sweat.

      People forget that Samsung is not only in the phone and camera business, but have a bevy of other products from appliances to TV’s, etc.

      Samsung is not going to die anytime soon.

      Onuora, I seem to recall that Microsoft was going to block all the ways possible to prevent the very thing from happening. It’s seems like a collusion is happening here between Microsoft and Samsung to allow this to happen. That’s a sure signal that every other vendor can follow suit and Microsoft loses its integrity here. Like you, I think this sends the wrong message. In any case, I don’t want these work-arounds on my system. I do not need “training wheels” to do what I want.

      • David

        Well they didn’t do a very good job of blocking a Start Menu restoration. I have tried replacements from two third party vendors, and find that both work nicely.

  • Daniel Gray

    Say What? So MS took out the start button, now while I and others may not like this; what MS does with their OS is up to them. But for the life of me, I do NOT see how the heck you can jump from them taking out the start button and a third party app putting it back in, to, Your words mind you “Microsoft does not believe that Windows 8 is good enough – PERIOD.” I have heard of leaps but in this case Mr.Amobi, you just made a leap worthy of a Platinum Medal in any Olympics! I mean get real here…there are thousands of third party apps that add to or detract from ALL operating systems from MS to MAC to Unix so why are you getting hysterical and making claims that make absolutely no sense to anyone but you! If MS didnt think the Windows 8 was not ready, it would not have went RTM and would not have plans for its use on an upcoming cell phone and pad. So calm down and take a chill pill as it will be the CUSTOMERS who decide if MS was right in sending Win 8 to national release. Not me or you or anyone else, just the people who buy it. If they like it, then you are wrong. If they dont, then it was not ready. plane pure and simple. Until then we can say anything we want, but it isnt going to amount to a hill of beans in the end.

    • Ben

      Yep, but if we don’t buy the darn thing, that will be a mountain of beans…jus’ sayin

      • Daniel Gray

        But we wont know for sure till AFTER it is released now will we? Just sayin

        • David

          So Mr Amobi’s opinion is not valid until after the release?

          He just did his due diligence beforehand, before the general release. He is a potential customer, after all. And his claim makes sense to me, as well as some other folks who have posted. I think you are the one who needs to chill out 🙂

    • Onuora Amobi

      Thanks for the comment.

      Your opinion is valid as well.


    • Onuora Amobi

      I respect your opinion.

      You are right about the fact that there are lots of bolt-on or add-on apps but this is a little different.

      This is not a third party company but an OEM.

      It’s like Mercedes Benz allowing their authorized car dealerships to replace the 3 pointed star, add some aluminium and then sell the car.

      It would make no sense.

      Once the customer buys the car, they can do whatever they want but the dealership should not be altering the core brand.

      That’s my take..

      • C W

        Car dealers are not allowed to change Mercedes’s logo and I do think MS will not allow OEM to change their logo as well. However, I do know some dealers will add some third party add-ons to their cars before selling to their customers. So your comparison is not really correct here.

      • Daniel Gray

        But that is MS’s choice, no one else. If you will remember Vista went RTM WITH the Aero in it, then MS decided that the Aero was to be taken out and it was not put back in until windows 7. My point is that it is their property and they can adjust it or delete from it as they chose. And until it is out on the shelves and for sale, we can say what we want; but we cannot say what the customer is going to do UNTIL MS gets some sales figures. Then and ONLY then can it be decided if this was sent to RTM unfinished or not.

        • David

          Where in the OP’s post is a claim about what the customers are going to do? He never claimed a final decision about anything. He only made a prediction as to what that decision might be.

  • Yada Yada Yada

    When Samsung, a Microsoft “partner” is allowed to “help users out” by augmenting Windows 8, it sends a DISASTROUS message to the world.

    If this ends up being the case, I completely agree with you. This is terrible.

    • Onuora Amobi

      Finally – some support…

  • Moshe

    Onuora, I have to say I agree with you 100% on this one … IF it turns out to be true (they have gotten things like this wrong before, and we won’t know until it is actually released).

    • Onuora Amobi

      Yeah, hopefully it’s not true (but I’m pretty sure it is)…

  • Michael

    Well for what it is worth – DON’T buy OEM machines, build your own.

    1) Twice the power for half the cost
    2) Quality hardware to be sure
    3) No bloat-ware – just pure OS bliss

    And if you must buy OEM harware as you need to for your tablet, then you must do this:
    1) Make sure you get a physical copy of the OS
    2) If they won’t give you one then you need to fork out for another OS
    3) In either case (1 or 2) perform a clean install.

    Anyway I am not sure if I will buy windows8 anyway:

    Since Win8 came out I have been using it as my only machine – and I have grown to like it.

    But it has some serious issues in my usage case:
    1) Some times it takes like 5 minutes just to get to the log on screen
    2) If I do lots of graphics work, it may or may not shut down when I tell it to – sometimes I just have to force it to shut down by holding the boot switch.
    3) If I use a USB device and then unplug it (correctly of course), when I shut the machine down It has a fit because it can’t access the now unplugged device (man I haven’t seen that since 3.11 I think).

    When I get time I will try the Full Release Trial version, and if it still has these issues then it will be welcome back Windows7

    • Onuora Amobi

      5 minutes to get to the logon screen means something is seriously wrong with your PC. Windows 8 should be much faster than that…

      • Coker

        And in time Windows 8 will get slower as it is being used…

      • Michael

        I doubt it is the PC, 9 times out of 10 it loads almost instantly, and shuts down without issue.

        It seams occur randomly when I do more than web stuff, it has issues with real work scenarios..

        • Michael

          I know one thing for certain – this has been happening only since I put Win8 on, and if I put Windows7 back on the issues will not be there.

          • Onuora Amobi

            Maybe it’s a driver conflict.

            Don’t forget, the reason Windows 8 is not on sale in stores now is because OEM’s are still perfecting drivers etc…

    • David

      Never seen this with the RTM version. I don’t think this will be an issue for you.

  • richard underwood

    Richard Underwood · Royal Roads University

    I think you are missing major point. Microsoft isn’t Apple and has a completely different business design. Microsoft doesn’t, up until now, build or design hardware. Hp has always had little “helper” buttons to augment the windows product on their hardware as has Dell and all of the other major equipment manufacturers. An add-on widget doesn’t mean the OS isn’t any good. It just means that Samsung thinks it will aid in selling their product.

    • Onuora Amobi

      “An add-on widget doesn’t mean the OS isn’t any good. It just means that Samsung thinks it will aid in selling their product.”

      Isn’t that a defacto admission that the stock device needs help?

      • C W

        Add something to OS might not make it better. It could make it worse. So Samsung adds widget doesn’t mean the OS needs help.

      • Daniel Gray

        So what you are saying is that with the Android OS for cell phones, that Verizon as well as Centennial and a host of others who go through and tweak the OS to fit their needs and the needs of their customers (and yes you can go to Verizon and buy a specific phone, and go to Centennial and T-Mobile and Sprint and AT&T and buy the same phone, and EACH of them will preform differently even though they are the same OS…why? because each cell phone company has the authority to add or remove stuff from Android’s OS) Same thing here. I can go buy a home computer from 6 different builders and get 6 completely different machines. Same goes for MAC as my nephew runs one, and his own band-mate runs an identical machine (same model and same memory etc) and they also run the same programs, yet each runs differently.

        I still dont see how you made this jump when this has been done before and is being done now with all makes of computers from desktops to laptops.

    • David

      Adding software to augment an OS is one thing. Adding software to replace previously available functionality is something else entirely.

  • rich

    Seems like a lot of dumb end users if you can’t figure W8 out. Or you are an antiquated dinosaur that refused to try and do something differently that in the long run will make your PC experience not enjoyable.

    • Onuora Amobi

      Not necessary to throw insults out.

    • C W

      There are a lot of dumb end users. I just met one today. She returned a flash drive and the reason is because it doesn’t pop out the menu when she plug the flash drive in. I tried to explain that has nothing related to the flash drive but she doesn’t want to believe and insist exchanging to another identical flash drive. Dumb and stubborn.

    • David

      Excuse me, but I have used it, know how it works, and don’t like it.

      For all I know, the OP may like using the Metro interface (an example of “doing something differently”. I can’t tell that from his post. We can tell that he likes the Start menu, of course. Which for me, in the long run, HAS been enjoyable.

      I’m not an “antiquated dinosaur” resistant to change. I just think the change in question has to have good justification. Removing the Start Menu is not justified, IMHO. Tiles on a tablet, great, I like them there. Just not on a desktop.

  • John

    I love your tongue and cheek argument. It is inevitable that we will try to get what what we want even if the gorilla doesn’t want us to have it.. I am sure being owned by Microsoft does not take away from your objectivity (wink wink nudge nudge).

    Remember that Microsoft is always right and should get their way. As Bill said “640K ought to be enough (memory) for anybody”

    • Onuora Amobi

      Too funny.

      I miss Bill.

    • C W

      What Bill said is true at that moment. He never said it is enough forever.

  • Carlo Koekemoer

    I for one applaud Samsung for what it has done , if I wanted a phone / tablet os I would have bought a phone or tablet not a pc , I happen to like the start menu and think the whole metro thing is plain a load of crap forcing ppl to use their pc’s as they would a tablet or phone the reason they use it like that on a phone or tablet is cause they have NO mouse and no keyboard

    • Delo Striff

      seriously dude, stop being ignorant and stupid. if you dont like it its one thing, but if you are not capable of using it its another thing, only because you dont know how to use a computer doesn’t make it “crap”

      learn how to use something and then talk, k?

      that argument that doesn’t work with mouse and keyboard have been ALWAYS retarded, made by retarded people. a start menú with few programs in MFU and then buried in small folders and folders isn’t any better than new Start Screen.
      also, none is forcing you to upgrade, but again, I expect idiots who come here and what idiot things and complains about something like that.
      again metro works perfectly fine, start screen works perfectly fine. if you don know how to use it, learn it or just don’t use it and stay in win7, or vista or xp, honestly people like you sound so stupid that its hard to believe you have even used windows 8.
      only because you don’t like tiles and stuff, it doesn’t mean its not good with mouse and keyboard. but again, I just think you are an idiot who doesn’t know how to use a mouse and keyboard anyway

      • Onuora Amobi

        Calm down with the insults.

        Not necessary.

      • C W

        Yah. Except Windows OS, they could also move to OSX or Linux. For smart phone, they could use iOS or Android instead of Win Phone8. If you want a start button, buy Samsung; otherwise, get MS Surface tablet. That won’t have bloatwares that you don’t like.

        • David

          Moving to OSX or Linux is not an option, if the software you use is not available for them.

          • Michael

            Not to mention that Linux has a limited hardware scope as well!

      • David

        Insults are always a wonderful option, when one cannot come up with a valid argument.

        • Michael

          I agree with you David.

          As is true of politicians, insults are the product of a small mind.

          So lets not be politicians here – rather, lets offer comments and except that others can offer theirs as well.

  • Coker

    This is nothing new, though! The OEMs already bloat the Windows operating system with their stuff such as wallpaper and desktop widgets…

    • Onuora Amobi

      It’s different.

      See my Mercedes analogy above.

  • BradWright

    So you’re getting all upset because Samsung is doing what everyone appears to want anyway: adding software to bring the start menu back. Although I personally don’t see how that thing Samsung is adding can really be called a start menu, it’s more of a seach tool. But anyway, I have no doubt that other OEMs will do the same, in their own way, and eventually Microsoft will put the start menu back in as a patch or as part of SP1.

    Microsoft said they were blocking all 3rd party start menu add ons in Windows 8 RTM, but apparently they didn’t [the one I’m using (Classic Shell) continues to work just fine]. Also, I recall Microsoft saying a while back that no one will see what the final version of Windows 8 will look like before it’s final release, so you never know what they really will or won’t do before October 26th.

    • Onuora Amobi

      Windows 8 RTM is the final version of Windows 8.

      We know what it looks like.

  • Louis A Murphy

    I have looked at different versions of Windows 8 and I see a very trashed OS. I personally think there will be a whole lot of Windows 7 users that will not go to Windows 8. Me for one. I think Windows 8 needs one helluva lot of work to even be a good idea.

  • Nick

    I, for one, am looking hard at PCBSD 9 – I already use Linux in two of my computers. No further comment necessary.

  • Frank Clay

    a load of bollocks.
    every windows version previously has had tools provided by partners.
    toshiba laptop, HP Pcs etc – they have all included utilities that have meant to make driving the machine easier. Samsung is no more a “partner” than any other OEM who has always been free to install their own apps on the PCs they sell. This is what sets Microsoft apart from Apple and is a perceived benefit that can set Samsung apart from HP etc when all are selling windows.
    I Have always noticed machines coming with a trial version of norton or mcafee – does this mean the free microsoft product is crap? Not necessarily – it is value adding.

    • David

      This is a case of replacing something that used to come with the OS. Not just a case of an OEM adding some old widget to the interface.

      FWIW, even Stardock creating a start menu replacement sends a bad message.

  • jack

    It’s absurd that Microsoft will allow 3rd party OS change,the best thing they have going right now is a unified OS across a variety of platforms and devices. This way a consumer can get features that fit their needs with a secure OS thatcan be updated easily.this ‘new’ feature of Samsung’s is something that’s already available online, so I think there’s no reason for it bê included unless the user chooses to alter it himself(in the true Microsoft style).

  • Kristjan Gudnason

    I think you might be overreacting a bit. OEMs have always been allowed to customize their offerings with software of choice. It´s one way of differentiating the product from other products on the market. Of course if the added software is considered bloatware and does not improve the user experiance then the OEMs will have a hard time convincing customers to choose their products.

    On another note, I installed Win 8 Ent on my work laptop just over a week ago and I can not see a reason to revert to Win 7. I like keyboard shortcuts as much as using the mouse. The ONLY thing that bothers me is scrolling through start screen without the mouse wheel when the laptop is not docked. Having the start screen as the first screen after login is also a plus in my opinion. I always have programs that I need to start but do not see a need to have in start up folder.

  • Jim

    I am using the W8 90 day trial. I am also using a 3rd party app, which I probably read about here, and it moves past the default Windows Start screen, to the desktop. It replaces the W8 Start Menu with the old fashioned menu, looking like W95, should I program it that way. I am going with the XP look. If this were not possible, I would not want anything to do with Windows 8, and Microsoft would loose me to Apple. So please stop with the ranting, and let creative people give some of us what we want. I can access the W8 Start Menu, because the Charms menu is still available. Its all good!

  • B

    Personally I have historically been a late adopter when it comes to operating systems. I wasn’t always that way, but I came to learn back in the 9x days that no Microsoft OS is truly stable until after at least the first or second service pack is released for it. Case in point, it wasn’t until 4 months ago that I finally switched from XP to Win7 despite having an OEM copy sitting on my shelf for a couple of years now. I’ve been burned too many times before to be willing to take a chance that they just may have gotten it right from the start for once. (no pun intended)

    People aren’t always fond of change even when it is in their own best interests. Users have been asking for the Start Menu to be put back since early beta. Microsoft refused to accommodate this request; their answer was essentially “its gone – get used to it”. In my opinion, their intent with this stance was to combat human nature’s tendency to balk at change so that their new idea for the way things should be was given a proper chance before being sacrificed on the altar of resistance.

    So Samsung did it for them because they seem to actually ‘get’ that it is the average consumer who will ultimately determine the success or failure of Windows 8 and not the tech community. The average person wants ‘simple’, with as small of a learning curve as possible and preferably with none at all. While Metro accomplishes the simple part, it does not do anything to appease the little voice in the head of the average user that is saying “it’s different … I don’t like it”.

    Look … I’m all for my smartphone, tablet and PC having the same interface so that they react in the same familiar way regardless of which device I happen to be using at the time. I also understand that they did it the way they did to play to ‘shortcomings’ of the lowest common denominator – that being the ‘simplest’ of the three devices, the smartphone. However, in approaching it in the way they did they violated the one clear-cut rule that I have always lived my life by, and many others do as well … and that is, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

    I think that Samsung’s “enhancement” in putting back part of what made the Windows product line what it was from the beginning just made their products more appealing to the masses, and will ultimately do more to drive sales than Microsoft’s stance that they know what’s better for us than we do.

    • David

      Thank you. Perhaps Microsoft wants to force a change, but they forget that it is the customer who will ultimately decide, not them. They have made this mistake before, and should have learned from it.

      • Michael

        I doubt MS will ever learn – and will not be dictated to by the consumer.

        When MS says they LISTENED to all the beta testers of Win8, what they really mean is they listened to all those who were in favour of what they were doing – especially with regard to the Start menu.

        If you were against it your complaints or suggestions fell on deaf ears to be sure.

        I for one am not really fussed about the new Start screen, but I do know that the old Start menu was just fine and definitely did not need to be replaced.

        All people wanted was CHOICE but MS doesn’t give two hoots about such requests, so it is just as well we have third party vendors, who not only listen to and know what consumers want, but are willing to provide it as well.

        Just as well MS wasn’t a bakery – the only thing on the menu would be turkey pie, and NO you can not have beef or anything else!