Microsoft have got a good thing going with the Windows App Studio, a service that allows users to create Windows 8 apps rather effortlessly, with no prior programming experience.

Although the service is still in beta, the company has now confirmed that at least 1.1 million users have taken advantage of App Studio to quickly turn their ideas into apps.

This statistical update actually arrives with a new version of the product, which now makes it even easier to publish apps to the Windows Store.

As Microsoft states in a blog post:

“Now after you create your app and select Publish Package, you will get a .zip file that contains your Store-ready publish packages,up to six screenshots of your app, the app logo you created, and publication instructions – everything you need to submit your app to the Store.”

Small, but helpful new additions.

Along with this easier submission process, the service now includes new data sources for photos from Instagram, Flickr as well as dynamic and static collections.

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