Windows 8 rumor: to be renamed Windows 365?

So I got a tip from a little bird that Microsoft may rename Windows 8 in order to better
December 3, 2010

Windows 8 – roaming licensing – activation and deactivation

When you install Apples Itunes on your computer, you have the right to “authorize” up to 5 computers to
December 3, 2010

New Windows 8 rumour – Security updates and licensing from the cloud

Ok folks, yet another wild rumour about Windows 8. I got a note from a source called Tim and
December 1, 2010

Could 60% of businesses really dump Windows for Chrome OS?

This article from ZDNet is interesting: The latest information comes from a New York Times report that cites its
November 30, 2010

Windows 8 – better disk partitioning

There has been a lot of discussion about the efficiency of the disk partitioning tool that comes with Windows
November 30, 2010

Windows 8 – More precise installation options

While the installation of Windows (Windows 7 at least) has gotten exponentially easier it could still be a little
November 29, 2010

Unpack, create, edit and mount ISOs with Windows 8

Another great point from PCPro. Here’s the thing: Windows 7 comes with a built-in ISO burner, so if you
November 28, 2010

Windows 8 should support PDF’s out of the box

Great point from PCPro about the fact that Windows 7 doesn’t support Adobe PDF’s out the box. It’s a
November 28, 2010

Paul Thurrott’s new Windows 8 page

Paul Thurrott has put up a new Windows 8 page. For those of you who don’t know who Paul
November 27, 2010

Windows 8 user scenario 2: Hybrid Model – Part Cloud Part Hard disk

So there has been a lot of talk recently about the next version of Windows going to the cloud
November 24, 2010