Will someone please kill Windows XP?

I just read Adrian Kingsley-Hughes article about XP users throwing a tantrum because MSFT wont support XP for IE9.
September 20, 2010

Windows 8 – Nowhere left to go but the cloud

So as we start to go down the path on the way to Windows 8, I get asked all
September 17, 2010

Windows 8 Wishlist – Network World Part 1 – Remove annoying messages

Network world have a great article about some of the things that could be done to help Windows 8
August 20, 2010

Windows 8 and support for digital media

There is interesting speculation  regarding the media support of Windows 8. Windows 8 is supposed to include support for
August 17, 2010

Windows 8: Boot your machine near-instantly

Microsoft seems to be putting a premium on improving the start times in Windows 8. A March 2010 Windows
July 23, 2010

Windows 8: Kill a virus, but keep your personal data

Viruses, unfortunately, often force users to restore their machines to the factory settings, a painful process that involves loss
July 23, 2010

Windows 8: Watch HD movies on your wireless TV

Windows 8 will integrate with a variety of technologies to let users pick out TV shows and movies and
July 23, 2010

Windows 8 to have better ipad like screens?

Microsoft is telling partners it will outdo Apple by building a better touch screen for slate PCs. Windows 8
July 23, 2010

My guess at a Windows 8 release date

So more information has come out regarding Windows 8. There are three main points of interest that came from
July 8, 2010

Google Chrome OS vs. Windows 8

As you may know, recently some Microsoft documents were leaked that showed some of the very preliminary development discussions
July 1, 2010