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Dual Screen Microsoft Device Supports 5 Modes

Well, what do you know! It appears that the new mobile device Microsoft is working on, Surface Phone if you will, could support 5 different modes of use, depending on the position of the screen. This has been revealed by digging around in the code. Codenamed Andromeda, this is an ambitious project that the Redmond based company is working on. And…

Oculus Rift

Windows 10 Now Required For Oculus Rift

Sign of things to come? Oculus Rift owners are now recommended to upgrade their PCs to Windows 10 in order to enjoy the full experience of the popular virtual reality headset. Not doing so will mean that they may miss out on certain features of Rift Core 2.0 and subsequent versions of the platform. This is what the company


Windows 10 Build 17704 Is Jam Packed

Whew, so many new features! After skipping a preview release last week due to a major bug, Microsoft has struck back with Windows 10 build 17704, part of the Redstone 5 branch. And this build comes with an array of improvements, many of them for Edge, along with a fresh new Skype app. Sadly, Microsoft has also officially

Icon Windows 10 Mail

Inking Support Comes To The Windows 10 Mail App

Microsoft may have embraced inking in Windows 10 with the Anniversary Update back in 2016, but the company sure is taking its sweet time in adding support for pen input across its apps. Including one place where most users would expect it to be, the Mail app. According to some new intelligence, the software titan is now rolling…


Next HoloLens To Double The Field Of View

Or rather, it will come with double the field of view of the premiere model. In other words, the FOV will go from 35° in this generation models to 70° in the second generation. Still a far cry from the 110° minimum most people believe consumer headsets should have. But a notable improvement nevertheless. This has been revealed in a

Icon Microsoft Store

New Microsoft Store Features Coming Soon

If reports are to be believed, Microsoft is all set to roll out some new features for Microsoft Store, many of them quality of life improvements that the company actually already made available previously. On the Windows Phone platform, so to say. Along with other small new features here and there to improve the experience. We already know that Redmond was…

Windows Qualcomm

Qualcomm Snapdragon 1000 Is The Chip We Need

Only a few weeks back did we hear Qualcomm announcing its next Mobile PC Platform, but there is already talk about Snapdragon 1000, the SoC that will come after that. Read up on that here. But while devices housing that new chipset will not be available until this holiday season, the rumor mill is already churning out new reports on…

Windows 10 Control Center

Is This The Windows 10 Control Center?

It was all the way back in 2017 that Microsoft announced a new addition to Windows 10, in the form of a Control Center that would be accessible via a taskbar icon. We’ve not heard anything major on this feature since then, other than the initial confirmation that it would allow users to easily enable options like network connectivity, airplane…

Andromeda Phone

Andromeda May Support Phone Calls

The question of the month is not when Andromeda will make it to store shelves, but whether this upcoming device from Microsoft will include some phone features. Phone features like making calls, for instance. We have had a lot of new intelligence recently on this mythic new machine that is in development behind Redmond walls. While some said that this was…

Windows 7 Desktop

Has Microsoft Started Ending Windows 7 Support?

It’s no big secret that Microsoft wants to see Windows 7 gone. But since support for this old OS is set to last until January 2020, the company can’t really do anything. The popular operating system was released in 2009, and that means PCs even older than this date were quickly to deploy Windows 7. They still are rocking this…