Outlook.com Suffers Outage, Microsoft Issues An Apology

Outlook.com, Microsoft’s immensely popular webmail platform, has recently suffered a major downtime. The email service remained inaccessible for a number of users across the globe for a few days, starting August 14. But the good news is that Redmond has already taken care of the problem, and repaired the service. The company claims that access has been fully restored and…


Week In Review (Aug 12 – Aug 16)

Another week draws to a close, and it can be said with reasonably assurance that this was a week of release dates. Microsoft officially confirmed release dates for a number of its upcoming products, the prime among them being the highly anticipated Windows 8.1. Here is a selection of the most important stories of the past week: News of the Week No…


App Watch: Readiy

There already are a few good news feed readers (RSS) available on the Windows Store, but this new one aims to offer a lot of features in a simple and effective package. Creatively titled, Readiy, syncs with the popular Feedly service, and users can sign in our out with their Google accounts. As mentioned above, the UI is not all…


Happy 18th Birthday, Internet Explorer!

Eighteen years already feel substantial in real life, but they are almost an eternity in the world of computing technology. It is time enough for companies to rise and fall, hardware and software to advance beyond imagination, and paradigms to shift. But through it all, one browser has remained strong, even as its competitors have come and gone. The team members…


Games For Windows Live Marketplace To Close Shop On August 22

Gaming remains a very important part of the PC puzzle, and though the main focus of Microsoft has shifted towards its Xbox console, the release of Windows 8 has opened up new possibilities for Redmond on the mobile front. Mobile in this case being the various form factors — PC, tablets and smartphones. Nevertheless, while Steam has become the undisputed leader…


Nokia Begins Worldwide Deployment Of The Amber Update

A few hours back Finish telecom giant official announced that it has started to roll out its Windows Phone 8 GDR2 (codename Amber) update to Lumia users around the world. The General Distribution Release 2 of Microsoft’s mobile platform comes with a nice set of enhancements for all compatible devices. Along with the features that Redmond has packed inside this new…


Could Skype Integration In Windows 8.1 Lead To An Antitrust Case For Microsoft?

Another antitrust case in the making? The latest gossip on this front is that the Redmond based software titan could potentially have a bit of a problem on its hand after the release of Windows 8.1. Microsoft has removed the old Messaging app in its flagship operating system, and a recently leaked build even came with a preinstalled version of…


Check Out The New Features In Windows 8.1 Mail App In This Video

The recently leaked build 9471 of Windows 8.1, Microsoft’s upcoming operating system has provided us with early previews of many of the apps the software titan is planning to update. And while there are several notable changes in many of the default, built-in Metro apps, some of the best (and most requested) improvements have been reserved for the Mail app….


August StatCounter Data Shows Windows 8 Is Increasing Its Momentum

Windows 8 is not exactly Microsoft’s most smashingly successful product to date, but the operating system is on a pretty good growth trajectory and continues increasing its market share every month. And the latest data from market research firms is showing that the OS keeps gaining traction. Figures provided by StatCounter for the month of August confirm that Windows…


Lenovo Reports Higher Laptop Sales, But Reduction In Desktop Numbers

As far as large PC vendors go, Lenovo is the only company that is laughing all the way to the bank. The company has actually grown its business, while its competitors are suffering from declining PC shipments the world over. Obviously being based in China is an important factor, as are Lenovo’s business and enterprise contacts it acquired from IBM….