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File Explorer Concept Dark

Design Concept Amps Up Windows 10 File Explorer

In case Microsoft needs more ideas on how to revamp its file manager, this Windows 10 File Explorer concept has got it covered. This design is one of many to update the UI of this key feature of the OS. Of course, Redmond itself is working on a dark theme for File Explorer, which is all set to arrive…

Huawei Cloud PC

Huawei Brings Full Windows 10 On Android

They’ve done it! Chinese technology titan Huawei recently announced a new service, appropriately called Huawei Cloud PC, which enables users to stream Windows 10 to their mobile devices. Essentially, this makes it possible for them to use Microsoft’s flagship operating system on an Android smartphone — either as a standalone device or one connected to a bigger screen. The technology was…

Windows Redstone

Windows 10 Build 17692 Brings Good Stuff

Microsoft has released Windows 10 build 17692, a new preview version for the upcoming Redstone 5 refresh of its operating system. And it brings along a ton of new features. Perhaps the most, as far as notable additions to the OS are concerned. As the company notes, there is quite a bit to look at in this version…

Windows 10 Hero Wallpaper

Windows 10 April 2018 Update Is Now Fully Available

Man, that was fast! Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 April 2018 Update is now fully available, and is actually already powering 250 million devices, in more or less two months. With Windows 10 itself approaching 700 million devices out in the wild. This newest version of the OS, also known as Version 1803, saw daylight at the end of…

New Surface Models

Microsoft Working On New Surface Models

New Surface models incoming! A ton of fresh details have made their way out, regarding what the Surface division Microsoft is cooking. And from the looks of things, they are cooking up a batch. This report provided us some timely hints on the new Surface products that are in development, from shiny new devices to updates to…

Laptop User Surprised

Microsoft May Compensate Users For Windows 10 Bugs

Will they? A research conducted by consumer group Which? has revealed that no less than 50% of all Windows 10 users have experienced bugs in the operating system. Many of which causing severe issues. According to the data provided, 21% of the respondents said that software compatibility issues were the most common problem in Windows 10 whereby apps failed to work…


New Windows 10 Games Announced At E3

A whole bucketload of them! In case you’re unaware, E3 2018 is currently ongoing. And Microsoft set the stage on fire yesterday by announcing a ton of new games. Almost all of them for Xbox One, and most of them coming to Windows 10 as well. Via the Microsoft Store. This holds true for both smaller titles, as well as blockbuster ones…

Concept Fluent Design Spotify App

This Concept Is Fluent Design Done Right

No better way to end the week than with a Windows 10 concept! More so, a concept like this that does a great job of showcasing the new Fluent Design philosophy that Microsoft is pursuing. An awesome job, even. It’s remarkable just how much of a time Microsoft is taking getting its new design language right. The company has been at…


What Is This Surprising New Windows 10 App?

Microsoft can pull a fast one, as well as anyone. But every now and then, the company pulls of a surprising surprise, something which leaves everyone confused. Case in point, a new Windows 10 app that has shown up all of a sudden on some PCs. Technically, it’s not even an application, it’s a shortcut to one. But a number of Windows…

Intel Tiger Rapids

Intel Shows Off Its Own Dual Screen PC

Man, this dual screen stuff is either going to define the next decade, or it’s going to blow up real soon! A day barely passes before we get to hear everyone heading in this direction. This time around, it’s Intel. The chip giant is working on its own version of a dual screen notebook PC. Yes, the company is still all about…