Microsoft has a strong third quarter

Microsoft’s had a great fiscal third quarter. Their growth was powered by the software company’s enterprise line-up — SQL
April 19, 2012

Microsoft extends Windows Store geographical reach

Microsoft is planning to extend the geographical reach of its Windows Store. The service that’s available in Windows 8
April 19, 2012

Is Microsoft's support of Apple iPhones and iPads with Windows Intune suicidal?

So right now, Microsoft is holding the Microsoft Management Summit. At the Microsoft Management Summit, Microsoft shares deep hands-on technical
April 19, 2012

Can Microsoft And Intel Drop The iPad Market Down To 50% In 2013? What Would It Take?

So apparently Taiwan-based ODMs are claiming that Intel and Microsoft are partnering together closer than ever to work to
April 19, 2012

Microsoft shed some light on Windows 8 Enterprise

Microsoft have opened up the kimono just a bit on features we can expect from the Windows 8 Enterprise
April 18, 2012

More brilliance from the Gartner Group

I love these quotes. I just wrote about the confusion that users will inevitably face if the Windows Phones
April 18, 2012

Review Bitdefender Total Security 2012

Bitdefender Total Security 2012 is the newest PC protection suite from Bitdefender LLC This suite is actually pretty darn
April 18, 2012

Confusion about Windows Phone 8 upgrade path

After writing about confusion regarding the upgrade path to Windows 8 from XP and Vista, yesterday I came across
April 18, 2012

Will The Sheer Amount Of Windows 8 Tablet Options Confuse Consumers?

According to recent news, it seems that the floodgates will not only open for tablets at the end of
April 18, 2012

Now I’m confused, what OS can upgrade to Windows 8?

Oh I am sooo tired today but these Microsoft questions won’t let me rest. I am confused about who
April 17, 2012