Microsoft fire Windows 8 leaker employees

Microsoft has allegedly fired two of their own employees due to their role in the recent Windows 8 leaks.
May 10, 2011

Microsoft and Windows 8: An Interview with’s Tom Warren

I’ll start by saying I am a huge fan of Tom Warren. I love his site and the length
May 10, 2011

Will Skype be integrated into Windows 8?

So in light of the Skype acquisition by Microsoft, it’s time to ask the question – will Skype be
May 10, 2011

Microsoft buys Skype

Microsoft announced on Tuesday the acquisition of Skype. The deal was announced on Tuesday, valued at $8.5 billion cash.
May 10, 2011

Windows 8 will offer native support for 3d monitors

So this is a very cool development. It’s being reported that Windows 8 will support 3d monitors natively. Now

Windows 8 logon screen background for Windows 7

So this is a pretty cool tweak for Windows 7. If you would like to have the Windows 8
May 6, 2011

More information about the Windows Application Store

My Italian friends seem to be obsessed with the Windows App Store and have come up with even more
May 6, 2011

New Server Manager in x64 Windows 8 Server version 7959

Seems like Microsoft have made some substantial changes to Windows 8 Server’s Server Manager user interface. Looks like this
May 6, 2011

New Windows 8 theme for Windows 7

Several designers have started to create themes for existing operating systems. The latest is called 8 Skin Pack for

Microsoft and Windows 8: An Interview with Brad Sams

One of the best sources of Windows news online is Neowin. As part of my never ending curiousity about
May 4, 2011