Time for the latest from the antivirus world. Independent testing firm AV Comparatives has just released the result of their newest real-world protection test, compiled during March and June.

A total of 23 security solutions were tested, with some surprising winners.

Free solutions rule the roost here — Panda Cloud Free Antivirus actually takes the triumph, while products from Bitdefender and Avira are not far behind. The free software from Panda Security proved to be the most efficient at blocking infections.

It blocked 99.9% of the samples.


You can take a detailed look at this interactive chart here.

In order to check the efficiency of the products, the security testing outfit turned on all protection features available in the programs, and all settings were used in their default configuration:

“A suite can step in at any stage of the process – accessing the URL, downloading the file, formation of the file on the local hard drive, file access, file execution – to protect the PC. This means that the test achieves the most realistic way of determining how well the security product protects the PC.”

To achieve real world behavior, the researchers updated the security software before running the tests, while the Windows installations were also manually kept renewed in terms of patches and fixes.

The complete details of test are available in this documentation, available as a PDF file.

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  • Genie

    Good work from Panda. Has always been highly regarded as one of the top antivirus softwares. This certainly helps to validate them as the top of the line.

  • Mike Greenway

    They didn’t rate mine, but it from an obscure little company, Microsoft something?