Panos Panay Interview

Panos Panay gives the Verge a great interview about the second generation Surfaces

The good folks at The Verge (Tom Warren) got a chance to sit down with Microsoft’s Panos Panay, the man in charge of the company’s Surface efforts, to talk about the new devices and the Surface’s future.

It’s a pretty good interview because he’s pretty candid about the new devices and the limitations they had the last time around.

That was the interesting piece of it to me – he said they had to develop the first generation of these devices in isolation because of all the secrecy that it was harder to get wide feedback on the devices.

They had no such constraints this time around.

Check it out above – it’s a good interview.

  • Jonathon Jeffery

    Yep, I agree. That’s pretty spot on what made it a pretty good pretty interview.(I like the word pretty too! :D) *blink*
    The interview could have done without all that talk about the great innovation prospect and research for the 2nd generation and future generations. Showcasing the design features and ergonamics were more of a lip service. I love how he talks about that horrible first generation surface -they even make up words to develop their products like lapability which is almost as laughable as not using punctuation in my big long sentences. Being candid is the clear winner here. Great interview!

    • Onuora Amobi

      Yeah I agree.

      I like the new approach Microsoft is taking re: openness.

      • Rodney Longoria

        Yes, very refreshing!