Windows Phone users have been treated to a number of official apps recently, and now they can look forward to a couple more. Word is that both Path and BBM are arriving on the platform soon.

The former, actually, is slated for release in just a matter of days.

Anvid Erdian, the product manager of Nokia Indonesia, confirmed the upcoming availability of Path for Windows Phone during the launch event of the Lumia 1020 in Jakarta yesterday.

For those out of the loop, Path is a photo sharing and messaging social network.

Additionally, Erdian also indicated that Windows Phone users should soon be able to enjoy BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) service on their devices. An official BBM client is already available for iOS and Android handsets, and development is reportedly underway for the Windows Phone version.

He further commented that Microsoft is very carefully assessing the release of some specific apps on its platform, and it seems a mobile client for BBM is one that users are asking for.

All in all, this is pretty neat news for the growing user base of Windows Phone.

With apps like Instagram, Vine, Waze and Flipboard being some of the more appealing applications that landed on the Windows Store these past few weeks, things have never looked brighter for Microsoft’s fledgling mobile platform.

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  • Jeff Daly

    Well, Flipboard hasn’t quite made it, but it’s “coming soon”, too.

    • Fahad Ali

      True, it’s only a matter of time. 🙂 That’s the beauty here, a company develops for the Windows Store, and it is almost halfway there in developing a version for Windows Phone.

      I personally am waiting for the day when Google dives headfirst into development for Windows Phone. That’s when all the naysayers will stop their criticism and acknowledge Microsoft’s mobile platform for the force it really is.

      It may happen in a year or two, but hopefully by then most other companies have made their moves with official clients on the Windows Phone Store.

      • Jeff Daly

        I hope Flipboard and BBM come really soon.

        I have given up on Google playing nice. They are focused on ignoring Windows Phone.

  • Ray C

    That’s a good look

    • Fahad Ali

      Hopefully it’s something similar on the official clients. Path I reckon may want to tinker with the look for the Windows Phone app, BBM may just as well keep the current feel. We’ll see.

  • Rockford

    Bring it!