A number of names that are expected to take over the reins from outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer once he retires have recently floated up. These range from current business leaders, to company internals, and even former Microsoft executives.

In the final column we have had Paul Maritz, the former senior vice president at Redmond.

But now, the former Microsoftie has made an official statement on the matter, saying that he was never interested in replacing Ballmer at the helm of the company, even as some voices suggested that he was under consideration as one of the candidates for the job.

In a recent interview with PC Pro, Paul Maritz commented that he was too old for this job — proverbially speaking, of course:

“I’m happy to say I took my hat out of that ring very early on. I’m 58 years old and I’m not up for that journey. I’ve learnt that it’s easy to be a back-seat driver – all these jobs are hard and you give advice at your peril.”

Wise decision from a wise man!

Paul is currently the head of cloud firm Pivotal. A computer scientist by trade, he worked at Microsoft from 1986 to 2000, and was often said to be the third-ranking executive at Redmond, behind Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer.

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