The refreshingly modular approach of Microsoft’s latest platform, Windows 8, means that the software titan can (and does) add in improvements and enhancements as it sees fit.

Windows 8.1 Preview already comes with plenty of new features and upgrades to existing ones. And many of these are aimed at end users — from offering a familiar working environment to easy computing no matter what the device Windows 8 is installed on.

The past few days have offered us glimpses of several new features that are part of Windows 8.1. And now it has been announced that the upcoming OS packs in support for the PayPal SDK.

This basically allows developers to integrate this particular payment system into their Windows Store app. Microsoft’s Chief Evangelist Steve Guggenheimer explained this feature during his keynote at the BUILD developer conference.

“PayPal’s SDK, now generally available, allows developers to integrate the payment experience for 128 million account holders into a Windows Store app or Windows Phone 8 app.”

This interesting new development makes it easier for developers to monetize their apps.

Additionally, Guggenheimer also touched upon other integrations for Windows 8.1, which include the Digital Publishing Suite from Adobe, Khan Academy, Unity Pro 4 and more. These exciting new tools for developers will go a long way in helping them embrace Microsoft’s updated platform.

Windows 8.1 is currently available in preview form, with the final RTM version of the operating system expected before the end of the year, probably around September according to insiders.

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