In news that will surprise almost nobody we have an analysis that suggest that PC buyers will slow the purchasing of new devices, and will instead wait for the release of the upcoming Windows 8.1.

This is not the first time a market researcher has said this, but there you have it.

Stern Agee analyst Vijay Rakesh believes that PC shipments in June will be down versus last year, and cites build orders that are tracking softer than expected — a sure enough sign that those that want a new PC are waiting for the Windows refresh.

The analyst explains this saying:

“We believe similar to the Win8 launch last year in October, which held back PC OEMs and ODMs from aggressively pushing PCs at back-to-school, a Win8.1 refresh could be holding the supply chain back.”

Truth is that it is not just the Windows 8 launch that saw this trend, but the release of almost every major Windows operating system has seen slow numbers when it comes to PC shipments. It is usually after the OS ships that consumer and buyer interest sparks up.

Another thing that is so conveniently overlooked here is Intel and its upcoming Haswell platform.

The chip giant has hyped up its new processor to such an extent that most technology enthusiasts are waiting for Haswell chips before splashing the cash for new notebooks, ultrabooks, even tablets.

As for the average consumer, a major portion of them are already on perfectly capable hardware. Meaning any computer built within the last few years already has enough prowess to run Windows 8 rather comfortably.

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