The Post-PC era, it seems, is still a few blocks away (see what I did there).

Amid the rainfall of smartphones, netbooks and tablets, people still use personal computers the most to surf and browse the Internet. Which makes it good news for Microsoft, as the company sits at the very top of the PC pyramid.

This was revealed in a new survey conducted by StollzNow Research (funky name, fellas). The results show that PCs still remain the most popular choice for Internet usage.

94% of the respondents said that they used their PC for accessing the Internet. In other words, only 6% have (totally) forsaken the platform and moved onto mobile devices.

Devices like smartphone, which got a 69% response and tablets which gathered up 58%.

Reading up articles and new stories about mobile computing and connectivity on the go, one may get an impression that we are fast moving towards the Post-PC era. But there, nevertheless, is a noteworthy difference in the ways people use mobile devices and regular PCs.

And computers still command a dominant position for Internet users (which apparently make up a lot of the computer population), even though more and more people are using mobile devices in parallel with their PCs.

Mobile devices come with a valid hype, but PCs still remain the king of the ring.

And with less than stellar sales of Windows 8 all around, this at least provides Microsoft enough of a cushion to formulate more (and some would say better) strategies for its software and OS ecosystem.

A cushion, it could very well make the most of.

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  • wrkoutgeek

    As much as I absolutely love my tablet and now cannot imagine how I got by before having one; I still would never go without my PC. There is still so much more that I can do on my PC that I’m not capable of doing on my tablet. Am I in the minority here?