Stephen Elop Nokia CEO

People are making professional bets on who will be the next CEO of Microsoft

Sports betting site Ladbrokes is taking bets on who the next Microsoft CEO will be.

While on the surface (pun intended) it is absolutely ridiculous it is pretty interesting to see who they have as possible favorites. They have put together a list of all the possible contenders for the Microsoft job.

Some of the contenders for the gig are interesting. Stephen Elop of Nokia is in the lead at 5 to 1 (5/1).

Scott Forstall is listed as a 33/1 bet. Current Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer is also listed at 33/1.

Too funny, Bill Gates is in at 50/1 while Tim Cook is in at 100/1. How Bizarro would that be? Cook hands over the reins at Apple to Sir Jonathan Ive (40/1) and moves to Microsoft as CEO.


Ok it will never happen.

Here’s the current list below..

Betting new CEO Microsoft

Betting new CEO Microsoft

  • Rodney Longoria

    @Onuora Amobi,

    The only two realistic candidates that I see on THIS list is Stephen Elop and Satya Nadella.

    My unbiased nomination is Mark Fields, who is the Executive Vice President and President of The Americas for Ford Motor Company. Look him up. He’s young and once worked for IBM. Plus, Microsoft has important ties with Ford.

    • Onuora Amobi

      I don’t think its anyone on this list. If it is, it would be dumb.

      They’re all smart people but the only sane reason for not having a successor already named and in the wings would have to be they haven’t found one yet.

      If it’s one of the obvious names, why wouldn’t they have sealed the deal already?

      • Rodney Longoria

        Why Onuora? We’ll see very quickly I bet; but in light of MS’ buying of Nokia, I still say Stephen Elop has the best shot… but who knows? Being the CEO of MS is akin to being the President of America, at least in the technology sector.