People Need Time To Discover Windows 8, Says Vizio Executive

I really like it when several people state the same thing over and over again. At least, as a writer, I do. Several company executives have echoed Microsoft’s statements that it will only be a matter of time before everyone gets used to Windows 8.

And now it is time for a Vizio official to repeat the same thing.

Rob Kermode, the director of product and development for computing and mobility (whew!) over at Vizio said that while it takes some time for users to discover Windows 8, it has no doubts that in the end the operating system will succeed.

He was talking to Laptop Mag on the prospects of the new platform:

“It’s a brand-new market for us. Windows 8 is a dramatically different user experience, and it takes time for people to learn about it. Microsoft, I think in hindsight, would probably admit that it could’ve done a better job of introducing it. But all in all, we’re putting touch on every single one of our products. So we’re definitely all in on Windows 8.”

Vizio is one of the companies that have joined the Windows 8 party, and it is preparing to launch several laptops and tablets powered by Microsoft’s latest platform.

According to the vendor, several models are already in the pipeline ready to hit store shelves in the near future.

Regardless, Microsoft is still pretty mum when it comes to providing details and breakdowns of Windows 8 sales. 60 million sold is latest number, though OS market share statistics paint a somewhat sober picture.

  • Pointing Rob

    Just another reason why Firefox is my preferred browser.

  • Robert Trance

    I believe in Windows 8, more people will eventually see the benefits, beauty and fun. But hey, for myself statistics are least interesting, i enjoy the OS already. 🙂
    Also, a better upgrade price range, lower DVD/download price would help of course

  • JKeefer

    Some people have vision and can see the forest through the trees, meaning the strengths of the windows 8 OS, while other just bitch and moan…and recommend Linux.

  • WillyThePooh

    In the past, people complained when changing from DOS to Windows. But then they get used to it. History will definitely repeat again this time. Mac is too expensive and doesn’t have enough software. iPad is not powerful enough to do work. Linux has too many variations and It confuses users more than the WinRT and Win8.

    • Robert Trance

      Also very true, i remember the old times too, has been exciting.
      Eventhough there are some widely known and used Linux distros, some popular and better ones, still with first time use often people run into so many little annoyances and troubles, absolute non-tech users sometimes simply give up on and turn to quite more simple options, like Win. 8. Easy, fast setup and then good to go with using an elegant system