Phone/Tablet/Surface Integration – Interesting Video

I just saw this pretty impressive video that you guys should take a look at.

Microsoft are really doing some impressive things in the Mobile/Surface space.

At Tech.Ed, Microsoft demonstrates a working application that integrates a Windows Phone, Microsoft Surface and Windows Slate to form a futuristic experience.

By placing a WP7 device on the Surface, the user interface is expanded beyond the device to the table below.

The video shows how you can transfer the content from your small portable device, to a large, interactive display solving 2 problems.

  • First of all you don’t need to try and fit a surface in your pocket
  • Second of all you can keep the portability of a mobile phone while accessing a larger display.

Hopefully this technology will make it to Tablets as well.

Watch out for a new post from me where I talk about how Tablets need to be larger.

The video is below…


  • Owais_503

    The 31 century imagination is near to be reality .

  • 123321

    …nothing more to say