Photos from BUILD – The Expo Hall

So, on day 4 of the Micrsoft BUILD conference, I spent the day roaming the Expo Hall in the Anaheim Convention Center.

Basically, the Press was across the street in a hotel but the Windows 8 sessions and the Expo Hall were in the Convention Center.

In the Expo Hall, it was pretty cool. There were all sorts of companies there showing off software products and hardware in anticipation of Windows 8.

Here’s some news for you.

I have over 40 interview videos coming in the next few days from all the major companies represented. It was quite a day.

In addition the cool folks from Microsoft’s Channel 9 were down there filming.

So picture a large hall with bean bags, tables, convention software and hardware, games, drinks and all manner of fun and networking.

I was beat at the end of the day with all the interviews but it was cool.

As usual, I took a ton of photographs for you to get a feel.

Once more for the commenters, I am tired so I


  • Jeremy

    So many frikking pictures! I love em!

  • Owais_503

    did i gust saw the media center in this pic BUILD_EXPO_HALL_2271

    • Onuora Amobi

      Good eyes!

      Yes, it sure seems like it huh?

  • Alex

    Very interesting photos!
    Thank you,Onuora!