Photos from the BUILD attendee party

So, Microsoft held the BUILD attendee party this Wednesday at The Grove of Anaheim.

There were several thousand people both inside and outside having fun on Wednesday evening celebrating BUILD and Windows 8.

The Grove is located in Anaheim on Katella, in the south parking lot of Edison Field (Angels Stadium), just east of Disneyland and just west of The Pond.

This versatile indoor venue hosts more than 250 events annually ranging from concerts to comedy to corporate and private events. Its intimate size and flexible configuration created a great atmosphere for the event. There was state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment, exquisite full service catering and a variety of well-equipped spaces and experienced staff.

Outside on stage, there was a band playing and people hung out, watched and enjpyed the abundant supply of food and drinks on hand.

Inside, there were pool tables, Kinect games, regular xbox games, foosball tables, a full bar, music and lots of fun as well.

I was exhausted after the BUILD Bloggers Bash but I came to this and took a few pictures for you as well.

What I do for the readers…


  • Rodney Jenkins

    It looks like a bunch of people had a lot of fun…

  • Guest

    I’m wondering if the bar had anything to do with the glowing reviews the hideous metro start-screen is getting.

    Such a backwards step in usability for standard desktop users.