Plan Your Upgrade From Windows 7 Now, Says Gartner

Plan Your Upgrade From Windows 7 Now, Says Gartner

Some 6 odd years are left before Microsoft stops support for the most popular operating system in the world, but Gartner believes users should initiate their plans to upgrade from Windows 7 now.

That is, if they want to avoid a scenario similar to the retirement of Windows XP.

Obviously, with the Windows 9 launch fast approaching, users and businesses that are on Windows 7 are gauging their options when it comes to migrating to a newer operating system. And while upgrading is a straightforward process these days, compatibility issues remain the biggest concern.

In the words of Stephen Kleynhans, research vice president at Gartner:

“The end of support for Windows 7 will be January, 2020, assuming there are no changes to its current support life cycle. While this feels like it’s a long way off, organizations must start planning now, so they can prevent a recurrence of what happened with Windows XP.”

Gartner explains that the biggest problem in terms of application compatibility will be for software that require a specific version of Internet Explorer.

For this reason enterprise and business users in particular, should layout their upgrade strategy now.

Easier said than done in some cases, more so when you consider that it is difficult to plan an upgrade to an operating system that is yet to launch. But the research firm has outlined a few choices in a new report that is available for download here.

A spoiler? They do not recommend upgrading to Windows 8 for most organizations. Eccentric.

  • Mary

    On an individual level, I disagree and still think there’s plenty of time. But on an organizational level, I agree completely. It’s time to start thinking about upgrading computers and systems so you are not left behind.