There’s a great article at by Joe Wilcox that you should read.

You can go to it here.


Basically he rails against the fact that even though Apple is usually considered to have only about 5% of the PC’s on the market, if you throw in Ipads all of a sudden they become the number 1 PC vendor.

It’s very interesting because he gets to a question that most people aren’t really sure about and that is – is a Tablet a PC?

I decided to create a little poll to ask you guys as well below…

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  • Mike Burroughs

    I think whether or not it is a computer depends heavily on the hardware and software capabilities.  An iPad, not so much.  A Windows Tablet, yes.

    • Ivinces

      Agreed. Series 7 Slate with i5 and 4 GB RAM? PC. iPad with A5 and 512 MB RAM? Tablet.

  • tm

    It totally depends on the way you use the device. You can not use the full capabilities of a computer on a tablet, but I you don’t need those extra’s or power, a tablet PC is what you need!

  • Randy_rogers38

    If it can’t run a pc O/S and provide a acceptable user end experience then it’s not a computer…it’s a tablet with a mobile O/S…and it excels at that but key word is mobile O/S…ie android or whatever not windows or open suse or ubuntu. Android and honeycomb and all those run on telephones. NOT A COMPUTER O/S.

  • Tomcon

    As a PC user I find the thought that Apple would take the lead if Tablets were to be classed as a computer, quite aggravating, its just a personal thing.  A better question could be “what constitutes a computer?”  Tablets can and do perform many of PC funtions, some better than others. I would certainly describe a Tablet as a Tablet computer.  

  • Innkeeper

    In my view tablets are just glorified clip boards.

  • Rugratz2222

    If the only method is to get an app from an online store, I see that as a tablet issue, not a computer issue.  Great for internet travel and graphics and media, but not regular applications – scientific, computational, etc.  Maybe some use it for both, but I see it as a fun toy, not a tool like my desktop or laptop.

  • Kenblu24

    Apple said it themselves. The iPad is an entirely new category.

    • CompUser

      That’s right. It’s a tablet. Did you know that Microsoft actually had the first tablet in 2002? It ran Windows XP, and was a complete failure, mainly because it required use of a digital pen for input.

  • Bigdaddyjane

    No way!the iPad is a mobile device…not a computer

  • Walter

    It’s a great browser for info but depending on your usage possibly a MINI limited computer

  • CompUser

    Is a tablet a PC? No, and neither is a smart phone. If it can’t run a full-featured computer OS, it’s not a PC.

    • Ihabkoura

      who wants to carry a cellphone as big as the home phone

      • CompUser

        What the hell are you talking about? As an extension to the discussion about whether or not a tablet is a PC, I said a smart phone isn’t a PC either. How did you relate that to anything about a cell phone being as big as the home phone?

  • Craig

    IPAD = Toy, PC= Tool. end of story.

  • Scatman

    I believe what makes a PC a PC is just that, it’s A Personal Computer, something that is stationary that you can add peripherals to without any restrictions.
    Laptops as well as Tablets usually require a technician to safely remove and upgrade hardware because the components are so compact thus, a Laptop is a Laptop, a Tablet is a Tablet and as you guessed…A PC is a PC and these terms should NOT be intermingled but, this is just one man’s opinion, of course.

  • Michael Montello

    iPads and other tablet are just that, Tablets.  If you add a docking station with a true keyboard they become more flexible.  Please call me when I can write my own applications in C++, Fortran, Basic, etc.

  • Ihabkoura

    u can’t upgrade an ipad can’t do more , just the way they made, i hate apple strategy because it’s hard to customize , it’s a selfish way, but windows is more flexbile..

  • Ihabkoura

    the ipad is a tablet and even it will take it’s time and fade away..
    this is my point of view, the reason is : expensive , user feel isolated, a dozen of my friends cell it after weeks , because people is familier with buttons and they get back to netbooks or else, to be comfortable in using an operation sys..

  • John

    Is an Apple II a computer – Yes.  Does an iPad do as much as an Apple II – Der.  What do most people use a computer for? Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Accounting, Email, Web Browsing, Entertainment.  Does an iPad do that?  I know mine does.  When I traveled I used to take at least one laptop and most of the time 2.  Now I just take my iPad.

    If you are a programmer or a web designer and you need multiple monitors and powerful graphics then you need a powerful computer but that has always been the case.  The iPad is very much a computer.  Just not an incredibly powerful one.

    • Hkhailey

      Try this on your iPad or tablet. . . . work on a 3D graphic rendering while recording a television program while jamming to music in 7.1 surround and putting together a power point presentation and burning a DVD and talking to your buddy on IM, and printing the pictures that your wife wants. At the same time. With no hang-ups or suspended/terminated programs.
      Good luck on that one

      A tablet is a bandaid for when you can’t get to the real thing. Cool toys, not PCs

  • Damianmcnasty

    What I have learned with using my pc, HP Slate tablet and HP Touchpad is this: if it can’t use a flash drive plugged into its usb port (normal/micro/mini – without external power through y cables etc) then it is not a proper pc. So no, Ipad, Touchpad and Android tablets are not pcs while Windows tablets are. If pcs are cars then tablets are motorbikes (nice to drive but you can’t do everything with it – like shopping!)

  • Nbmiii

    If I cant do everything i do on my Desktop or note book then i don’t count it as a computer.

  • Robert Barre

    Come on!
    Even Vacuum cleaners today has processors, pocket calculators can be found with up to 1 GB memory, DVD-players of the simplest kind has an image screen (and a remote)!
    OK, it’s hard to install programs and apps in a vacuum cleaner, but these combined caracteristics will not make a PC.
    Tablets can of course be used as PC:s in many ways, but if You want the POWER, there is no substitute.

  • Dracula

    Apple the number 1 PC vendor? No disrespect intended here but are you serious??? Windows (like em or hate em) still hold the record for having their OS and programs on over 96% of the computers out there today in the world. Apple only has 3% and the rest are taken up by Unix and Linux and so on. The ONLY way Apple can make this claim or have this claim be made of them by anyone with any seriousness is if Microsoft would go out of business today, and even then it would take well over 5 to 10 years for Apple to even come even with Microsoft. I am no fan of Microsoft and have been a computer geek since the early IBM’s that cost $8000 each and had a blazing baud speed of 4, but even I know that whoever started this myth has to be on the payroll of Apple as it just is not physically true, financially true nor based in any form of reality.

    On the other hand, letting the testers and developers actually use this Windows 8 on a real time device can do nothing but help as this will show where the needed corrections should be made by people using it in real life and in real time. Beta testing is one way, but this would be soooo much better

  • Catalin_gabriel13

    unless you invent a tablet that may sustain an os such as windows/unix/linux it will not be a pc ever,regardless of the applications you make for them they will never do what a pc does , it will never give you tha freedom a pc does. but, couse always is a but, they are in the trend. which means Apple will actualy be NO1 in the market , if Micosoft doeas not invent a  windows tablet more accessible.

  • Saifuddin


  • FBMC_007


    I pad will never be a computer there are no freedom of
    upgrading the system and the system of a I pad are still only a Tablet,
    well give 4gig of ram and quad core processor than we can compare it with a

    The resonance I have a computer are to play games and experience
    power with a lot of speed I will only get a iPod for communication.

  • Indra Nawawi Daeng Parani

    Dear Onuora,

    You’re asking a question which I have no knowledge in it, the word Tablet is strange to me, PC I know it’s a Personal Computer if I’m not mistaken, but I’ll use my guessing teknique the two words differs and have different meaning, so No way it’s a Tablet. Thank you   

  • Gm

    I think the Ipad and other kinds of tablets is just for internet access, read digital books, etc. ….. While a laptop will have to work and see at a glance it does both while the other is just watching. Maybe I’m in the field but we’ll seeover time. The iPad is an object of amusement to me at the moment.

  • Rbw7456

    If your a coder you already know the answer. Try writing your next lie of C in a tablet.

  • Geffy

    Its definity a very limited tablet for guys who wants to personnalise and custom their machine, its expensive and as closed than a brick…Appple is kown to be ultra-compartmentalized, no intersest for nerdz & geeks…

  • Bron Pedulla-Smith

    If a PC is a Personal Computer than yes, but I think that a true computer needs to be more open than the iPad is. It should be able to run applications other than the ones set in the App Store.

  • Daryl Murphy

    See my post on Facebook.  There are too many OS for tablets to be considered a PC.

  • walkergw

    Current Tablets are not computers as they stand.  Though the line is definitely blurry.  Many users do not use computers to “compute”.  But that doesnt mean they dont have the ability to do it.  Current Tablets do not have that ability.  I would go so far as to say the MS tablets with ARM processors also will not constitute PCs.  However, x86 based MS tablets should be able to do everything their stationary counterparts do and therefore constitute a PC.

    Lets look toward the future.  Where will Apple take their iPad 5 years from now?  Haswell chips will be out by then that should perform as well as current Sandy bridge PCs while still maintaining 7+ hours of battery life.  Arm will have to improve their chips as well to stay competitive.  When that happens, tablets will have the power to perform as current PCs, so why wont they?

    This then goes to what I have been saying all along.  Tablets in their current configuration are a fad.  Eventually they will go the way of the eReader which are just too limited in their abilities to justify buying and packing around when real computers can do the same thing.

  • Barett

    yes,a tablet is pc maybe a little less capacity as a pc but in the end is was created as a pc

  • Nakhan0885

    i like window8 if yu gift e