Poll – is Facebook worth 104 Billion dollars?

Of course human beings never learn so here we are.

Facebook just went public and as of this morning, it’s worth over one hundred billion dollars!

That makes no sense to me because despite their 900 million users, this is basically a website that could conceivably be replaced very quickly by a competitor in the future.

Remember MySpace?

Anyway, maybe it’s just me.

You guys tell me.

  • techblogger

    Not to me it isn’t. It’s a run of the mill, youve seen one, youve seen them all, message board

  • CompUser

    Facebook has no intrinsic value. It doesn’t produce or sell a product, its revenue is all from advertising, and their advertising rates are based on user numbers, which I’ve heard are actually declining. GM’s announcement that they’re getting no return by advertising on Facebook, and therefore will no longer advertise on Facebook, already caused the stock to close somewhat lower than it’s high on Friday. And the stock price will continue dropping as other major advertisers make similar announcements. The very large investors who bought Facebook stock on Friday with the intent to sell right away (before the price drops below the opening price), will make out very well. Everyone else will lose because their investments aren’t large enough to make money short term. I believe the stock price will drop below its opening price quickly, and will never go back above it, but the very large investors will already be out before that happens.

    • Kurik

      You should also take into consideration that they are opening an app market place as well so advertising isn’t their only form of revenue. As the documentary ‘inside facebook’ highlighted, facebook has the largest market data on a per criteria basis which allows them to specifically target niche markets. (gender/age/geography/likes/dislikes/etc. Companies who advertise can also get instant feedback on their products and streamline it to be better and sell more. That’s just the tip of possibilities. FB has considered all you mentioned. They wont be standing still waiting to fail.