So a lot has been said recently about Windows 8.1 or Windows Blue actually having a Start Button and possibly having an option to boot directly to the desktop.

This news is interesting and if true would directly contradict Microsoft’s silence to all the criticism from prominent bloggers so far.

Microsoft was 100% adamant about the Windows 8 interface being good as is and this would seem to be a little bit of an about face.

In light of these new rumors, I thought it would be fun to take a little poll.

See below…

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  1. it’s not a redesign or gut wrenching change – enough people are uncomfortable with great changes they want something familair as they get used to it. Some need the practicality of not messing with metro before they go to the desktop, not because its hard to do but one extra step and people get distracted – plus I’m sure industries want a way to make it more difficult to go to metro (extra steps) since their productivity is in the desktop areas. Eventually people will catch on to how things work and Microsoft will make a more seamless integration of the 2.

  2. Why do a poll based on two alleged discrepancies? If I had designed this I too would have ‘encouraged’ people to navigate to the desktop through Metro in order to give Metro maximum exposure… similarly Start…
    You know I bought an add-on which forces login to the desktop and I absolutely hate it… Im going to uninstall it as soon as… I really miss navigating through Metro.

    • Encouraging is one thing but they forced you to do it. It would have been much better to leave it as an option that you could turn on or off like the had in the beta and RTM versions.

  3. James Beidleman / April 17, 2013 at 2:08 pm /Reply

    Don’t fix something that wasn’t broke! The Start button was never broke.

  4. Personally, now that I’m used to the drastic change, I like Windows 8. I don’t really care one way or the other about the start button because it’s plenty easy to get to start button once you’re used to Windows 8 and it only takes a second or two to click on Desktop to get to it. I actually like to wait a moment on the start screen to see if there are any updates in the store I need to download first. I’m sure any updates will be well thought out.

  5. The_Grand_Riddle / April 17, 2013 at 2:34 pm /Reply

    Windows 8 is designed for a cross platform feeling. Same wherever you are, there you are… The swiping is quite an elegant bit of code.

  6. Windows 8 currently is a failure. Adding the functionality back into the product that many people want wouldn’t make it a failure it would just remedy one of the major complaints about the product. The metro interface is just not intuitive if being used on a desktop with a mouse. There are many new hotkey combinations that let you do everything you need but I still personally like the start menu the best and was bothered enough by the lack of it that I uninstalled windows 8 on all my machines. I just wish they would have had the option to turn it to classic mode like the did in the beta and rtm. I really like it then. It was so wonky to have to leave the desktop into metro to find the app I wanted to launch it back into desktop. I know you can pin them to the taskbar but I have nearly 100 different software apps I use and I only pin the ones I use everyday. The only other major complaint I had is if you use messenger to login and set it up to connect to your account it adds many cool features but I was constantly bombarded with porn bots wanting to chat. The funny thing was it was my wifes machine and her account. It embarrassed me more then once because that machine was in my family room and when company would come over sometimes pictures of half naked women would pop up asking me if I wanted to see her strip. If they are going to use messenger as a log in they need to find a better method to filter these garbage accounts.

    Anyway this is great news for me and it means I can install windows 8 back onto my machine. I just think it might be to late to really save it from doom though, this should have been dealt with right at the very beginning. Windows 8 won’t die because of this debacle but it did however kill them from being any major factor in the tablet world.

    • Oh PUH-LEAZE! If this is all that bothered you then you are one of the most anal people I have seen. All you had to do was a simple google search and find it is a little program that for $3.00 you could have not only placed a start tab on windows 8, but you could have placed the Windows 7/XP menue back as well and you were able to place it on 2 machines before the license needed to be renewed. Its pretty sad that instead of talking about how good an OS really is, people nit pick it to death for stupid things.

  7. One click. That’s all it takes to get to the desktop.

  8. windows 8 boots just fine the way it is people just aren’t used to it yet. it’s an extra key they have to push to get to desktop. and I believe we’re all good without the start orb but yet if people pay attention they actually have it!!

  9. People is afraid to changes. It has happened with windows 95, and now it`s happening with 8. In just 2 weeks using w8 just 1 our daily, now i work very faster than in w7. Is just the same thing in every change, you can be conservative o progressist.

  10. l think people need too stop gripping and start using there brains its so easy too navigate windows 8

  11. I would ULTIMATELY like windows 8 super great IF they would just bring back the aero glass for the window frames. They could have it OFF by default, and give a person who has a PC the option to check the little box at the left and turn it ON, if they so choose. NOW, what would be so hard about that? The start button would be neat to have back….but, I do like the metro desktop with all the icons already there…that is…..since I have customized it like I want it, but….if they did NOT bring the start button back….I could just survive fine…but, the glass look I liked so much….because it would make the window frames blend so perfect in color to whatever desktop picture was behind it.

  12. I don’t understand all the fuss about Windows 8 and the “start button” and booting to Metro issues. Neither is that big a deal and the search feature is actually much easier to use than the start menu was. On the other hand the guts of Windows was changed (something to do with SMB’s) and now our copier doesn’t play well with Windows 8. There are also numerous and major bugs in the game applications for Win 8 Metro.
    Other than those issues, I’ve found Win 8 to be fairly workable. Of course it still has all the old Windows failings, like letting application programs mingle with and/or change system stuff (like fiddling with the Windows Registry, etc.) This has been improved a lot over the years but there is still room for much improvement. Windows gets very cranky if, like me, you like to install and use a lot of programs, fonts, etc.

  13. Windows 8 should be a TABLET OS with USB and HDMI ports and strong support for NFC and Bluetooth. Leave the desktop to Windows 7.

    • Have you actually ever used Windows 8? I use it daily and find it much more useful than Windows 7.

      • Same here. I think people are hung up on the idea that you can’t use Windows 8 without a touch screen computer/tablet. But I use a keyboard and mouse with Windows 8, even on my touch screen Samsung tablet, because it gives me more precise control of the computer over using a touch screen. People should really try it for a while and find out how nice Windows 8 really is.

        That said, I use StartIsBack, which puts a Windows 7 Start Menu into Windows 8. It also has the options to put a Metro Apps folder in the start menu, and to only display Metro Apps on the Metro Start page.

  14. Windows 8 is amazing once you get used to it. It is much more fluid and useful than Windows 7. After using Windows 8 for awhile, I used my other computer which has Windows 7 for a bit and found that it slowed me way down.

  15. I bought a Chromebook and will never buy windows 8 as it is set up today. For $250 the Chromebook computer does everything I need to do, without needing virus protection or always updating. It runs on the cloud with 100 gb of free cloud storage for 2 years. .It’s processor is a smart phone SD processor that is fast as it has 2 frequencies on wifi. It e prints free thru the cloud and another computer with an open Chrome browser connected to an HP printer via USB. I’ve got a few friends to go Chromebook. The next windows computer I buy is an off lease Windows 7 at 1/5th the cost when new.

  16. Windows 8 is a great OS but does need the ability to be more customizable. At first I missed the Start button but not now. How many of those apps do you really use? I only put the ones I need on the start screen and type the names of the seldom used ones.

  17. All the metro menu does is show you programs and information quickly. SAME THING THE START MENU DOES.
    In fact, the metro menu does it better. I can open my Windows 7 start menu and open my weather application and see weather. However, on metro, it is shown directly on the tile, very conveniently. Even if you say “oh well the start menu shows all your programs, the metro menu can’t do that blah blah blah also i have never kissed a girl” yes it bloody well can. If you’d just click the “show all apps” button it would do it much more organized than the start menu would.

  18. The Windows 8 environment is a great new feel and look for moving ahead. Just the idea that the “DESKTOP” was an option to use after loading up was enough for people to reminisce on the Windows Vista/7 era. Remember Windows 2 – 3.11? It had similar look and feel to it, with 3.11 having the very best of what it was – up until Win 95! There were those who felt it Sacrilegious to make a change to something so different than what they were use to. Same that happened when Win XP came out, way different than Win 95/97 ever felt. You still have a few XP Purists out there that cannot even fathom what will happen if they change their Operating System that they’ve been so use to since their Daddy had it, and HSI Daddy had it. At least Win 8 kept the Win 7 look and feel for us to go back to as a familiar until Microsoft can wean us into a new dimension of OS. Those who still cling to older OS’es, afraid to move forward in this age of ever-changing technology, reminds me of the old, bearded bikers in a smoky dive bar with a raised mug in one hand with the other hand posing two of four fingers high over their heads yelling “FREE BIRD!:. It was good IN IT’S DAYS, but it’s time to move on.

  19. I don’t think booting to metro is a big issue with Windows 8 .People will slowly understand the maturity in Windows 8 but many new users told the same problem that it is difficult to close the apps and to shut down for new ones

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