So the good folks at the Verge just alerted everyone to the fact that you can pick up a Nokia Lumia 800 phone at select Microsoft Stores in the US.

What caught my eye was the price – $899!

The unsubsidized handset — along with the Nokia Play 360 speaker, Purity HD headset, and a Bluetooth earpiece is now available at stores.

So here’s my question

You can read the Verge Phone review here.

You can see the Verge video review below.

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Onuora Amobi is the Founder and VP of Digital Marketing at Learn About The Web Inc. Onuora has more than a decade of information security, project management and management consulting experience. He has specialized in the management and deployment of large scale ERP client/server systems.

In addition to being a former Microsoft MVP and the founder and editor of, he is the CEO of a Pasadena based online marketing education startup - Learn About The Web Inc. ( and The Redmond Cloud (

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  1. I’d buy a $900 phone for sure, but I’d only pay 200 for it.

  2. 900.00 is it like magic jack you know free for 5 years

  3. Pay $900 for a mobile !!!  It would have to have a 5 year unlimited use contract and make the coffee as well  🙂

  4. for 900 it better come with a gold plated 1st aid kit, and onsite repair free of charge next day and same day service

  5. listem im getting sick of microsoft there making it harder for people who have already payed good money for thier os systems includeing my self all the way from 95 to vista ultimate, and then they pull a fast one on thier customers with win 7 leaveing all the people that have spent god knows how much on keeping up with thier os the only thing that would convince me that microsoft is worth staying with is at least provide win 7 to customers who have keep up and are useing vista ultimate when are they gonna learn that a good customer is always right and a good customer that sticks with them from 95 up should at least at least be offered win seven free convince me microsoft has its customers at heart [email protected]

  6. 700 max Galaxy Note

  7. 900.00 does it never need to be recharged and works without a celltower??????

  8. If microsoft is so good why do they have so many updates or is that like getting married but keeping a  lawyers number on your speed dail

    • Alexander_rogers / February 16, 2012 at 7:34 pm /Reply

      totally agree with you… i bought a macbook pro for 1100 dollars but i tell you what .. their customer service is waaay less bitchy, no product keys to fuck with, and he ones you do have are only to verify that particular app and u can use it as many times as u want with that copy….plus for $300 more i can run NATIVE windows….also lets not forget .. more durable materials , epic  9 hour battery life on low settings and not so many friggin updates.. at least when apple does updates they are major… i mean vista has how many now.. smdh,,,,,, lol

  9. That is way too expensive for a phone. If it was like 200 maybe but not 900

  10. for 900 bux it better do laundry dishes and give full service if ya know what i mean holee crap my home computer didnt cost that much

  11. What time do they have to be back for their medication 

  12. No phone is worth 899.00

  13. WHAT ARE YOU KIDDIN !!!!!! All of Microsoft isnt worth $900.00

  14. i find my 20 dollar phone to be enough of a pain to run, i think if i spend 900 dollar on that phone i must sign my self in to the nut house because im nuts! 

  15. My cell provider would like me to get an iphone, even subsidized, it ain’t happening. I won’t pay the fee for web access on my cell I have now. I’ve been buying my phones from Wallyworld any way.

  16. Thats why we all sign up for 2 year contracts with major carriers.  This $899 phone will then cost us around $200.

  17. Samsung I8700 Omnia 7 Unlocked Smartphone with Windows Phone 7, Touch Screen, 5 MP Camera, 8 GB Built-in Memory $407.97 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping. Amazon.comGSM Quad Band (850/900/1,800/1,900MHz), 3G 900/1,900/2,100MHz (HSUPA 5.6Mbps, HSDPA 7.2Mbps )122.4 x 64.2 x 10.99mm, Display: 16M WVGA SUPER AMOLED, 4.0″Camera Resolution: 5 Megapixel with 4x Digital zoom, LED Flash, and Auto Focus. HD Video Recording 720p (up to 25fps)Internal Memory: 8GB, Operation System: Windows Phone OS 7, Browser: Internet ExplorerTalk time: up to 8.7 hours, Standby: up to 390 hoursMuch better Windows 7 phone

  18. They’re dreaming! (Or as someone else said, their medication isn’t working!)

  19. I have to say…I have an iPhone 4S. If it ever dies I would buy another.

  20. First of all, it’s unlocked, part of the reason the price is so high. Second, the phone is part of a bundle with speakers, Bluetooth headset, and headphones.

    And by the way, if it was just the phone for $900, no one would buy it.

  21. In Just 4 Short Words. “Not High End Enough!”

  22. Indra Nawawi Daeng Parani / February 17, 2012 at 1:31 am /Reply

    Dear Onuora,

    Well it’s only US$ 899! If by using that handphone maybe it’ll bring you happiness and joy, and the mechanism of the lucky charm on business works, why not. Today many kinds of handphone are spread in the market showing it’s unique fuctions, it’ll fade away as time goes by, new model will be emerging to replace the old, at least we have taste the luxury and enjoy the call of the new tech world. Thank you.

  23. Christy Schumacher05 / February 17, 2012 at 8:05 am /Reply

    Nokia Lumia 800 in germany sim free for 280€ 900$ is crazy!!!!!!!

  24. Ahahahahahahaaaaa :O
    I bought a car once for $110 bucks.For $900 I could get a phone booth :/

  25. $500  reasonable…

  26. man if you found this for $899 and that was as cheap as you found then im sorry but you dont know how to shop. i found it on for $450–FACTORY-UNLOCKED-/dp/B0067M9JBQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1329738672&sr=8-1

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