Popular IOS game ‘Contre Jour’ iOS coming to Windows 8 – Video

The popular IOS game ‘Contre Jour’ is coming to Windows 8.

Microsoft had to do some heavy lifting to convince the game’s developer ( Maksym Hyrniv ) to port his highly successful iOS game to the web

From The Verge:

Contre Jour arrived at the iOS App Store in November 2011 with the fanfare it had generated at E3 2011. In December, Apple awarded the game its App of the Year for iPad. Blending the visual stylings of Limbo with gameplay reminiscent of Cut the Rope and World of Goo, much of which leverages multitouch interaction — an experience that a web browser can’t offer.

About four months ago, the Internet Explorer team at Microsoft approached Maksym Hyrniv about porting his multitouch-heavy iOS game Contre Jour to the web. He refused.

Apparently, Microsoft were able to “sweet talk” the developer into porting this game to Windows 8 and the web.

Microsoft assembled a team of three small groups to port Contre Jour and its native Objective-C code to a browser-based experience using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and the Windows 8 framework. It began with Mokus, the game’s developer. Microsoft brought in a team at Clarity Consulting, which he describes as “HTML5 ninjas” who’ve partnered with Microsoft on projects like these for much of the development work. And there’s the Internet Explorer team within Microsoft that coordinated and helped define what they felt touch on the web could be.

Long story short – Contre Jour is coming to Windows 8.

Here’s the video:

  • Andrea Gatley

    Cute game!

  • http://twitter.com/Win8pad Win8pad

    This is looking a lot like World of Goo; another interesting and touch friendly game.