It is not very often one finds such promotions on the Windows Store, at least, nearly not enough compared to other competing platforms. But once they are no less amazing, once they are on.

Several of the top Windows 8 apps have gone freeware — for a limited time.

The apps in question are developed by Boo Studio, the company behind a number of highly popular and well-received Windows 8 Metro tools. It has just announced that many of its apps are now available for download at absolutely no cost until September 11.

That means you should fire up the Windows Store on your device as soon as you can!

Apps like 8 Zip, Metro Commander, Files&Folders, and Torrex constantly rank near the top — both in terms of usability and popularity, and all come with an impressive feature set. All four can now be downloaded by Windows 8 and RT users free of charge.

The latter of these actually made an appearance in our very own App Watch section last month.

While Torrex holds the distinction of being one of first Metro torrent clients, 8 Zip is one of the finest compression tools available in the Store right now that comes with a Modern UI.

Metro Commander, on the other hand, is a very handy application allowing users the option to easily manage files that are stored locally without leaving the Modern UI. And finally, Files&Folders is a similar file manager with multimedia viewing and playback capabilities.

All these apps work on both Windows 8 and Windows RT, so hurry up!

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