October, this year, like all years, is a busy month for gaming, with titles like Battlefield: Hardline, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Civilization: Beyond Earth destined for arrival.

Microsoft plans to make it even busier, it seems.

The company has set October 7 as the release date for Project Spark — the video game that allows people to make video games — on Windows 8.1 and Xbox One. This, after a rather lengthy beta that has pretty much spanned almost a year.

Redmond will keep its promise of making the toolset available for free, with optional paid content, though a retail version will also be available for Xbox One in disc form, with a price tag of $40.

This is what a Microsoft representative said about release on Xbox 360:

“Our team is focused on creating a great experience on Xbox One and Windows 8.1 first, and will then bring that to Xbox 360. We don’t have a timeline to share right now, but it’s certainly on our roadmap.”

Microsoft also confirmed that since the debut of the beta, the community has created countless games, ranging from platform titles to adventures, and showing incredible versatility of the robust toolset.

It is set to be further complemented by more user generated content after release.

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  1. Steve Fulton / July 9, 2014 at 2:48 pm /Reply

    Can’t wait for this. Crowdsourcing often produces the best stuff. I hope it does for the xbox one as well.

    • Spot on Steve. Crowdsourcing has become wildly popular and successful. I think it’s only smart to bring it to the Xbox platform. A brilliant move in my view.

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