Promo Video for Windows 8 Release Preview – I actually like it

I just saw this promotional video for the Windows 8 Release Preview and…shock of all shocks.. I like it!

It seems fresh and lively and makes the product look intuitive and usable.

Great job Microsoft Marketing!

(When was the last time you heard me say that?)

Here it is…

  • Javier

    me too

  • jack212

    90% of that video shows a tablet… the other 10% a desktop (with a touchscreen)…do they show a device with no touch? NO. So basically a PC without touch is not good enough to make an advertising video for windows 8. do microsoft care? Probably NOT.

  • REWard

    That video doesn’t show anything! It is mostly macros doing everything, so they had plenty of time to edit and make it look easy… and smooth…
    I personally hope it all comes together in the end, I just don’t think that video trickery is the best way to go about it!!!