Cloud-StorageIt is now common practice for individuals and organizations to store their files and documents online instead of the traditional options like external hard drives and tapes. The files are saved on an online ‘cloud’, a virtual storage space where you can upload your files and retrieve them when needed. You can create a backup for your physical files. Since the cloud doesn’t exist in the physical world, the risk of data loss is marginal, if any. This is why cloud backup has become a preferred option for businesses around the world.

Photographers too can make use of this option to create a backup for the pictures they have clicked over the years. Depending on the volume of business they generate, they could have thousands of pictures on record. Over time, the standard photography practices have also evolved and most of the pictures are now developed and stored digitally. This makes it is easier for them to upload their files to the cloud and create a backup there and then.

So, should you use cloud backup for your photographs? Going over the pros and cons of cloud backup for professional photographers will enable you to make the right decision:

The Pros

Massive Storage Capacity

Most cloud service providers offer massive storage capacity for their users. You can choose from the different packages on offer but you can expect at least a few GBs of storage space. Some services also offer unlimited storage capacity within a reasonable limit. Therefore, it is quite possible for you to save a couple of terabytes worth of photographs on your cloud.

Real-Time Automatic Sync

You can configure the cloud console to sync all the files that you add to your work computer. This way, the pictures you save on your computer will be backed up right away. You don’t have to select the files manually. This makes it quite convenient for you to store your files on the cloud. Nearly all other backup options require manual transfer of files.

Sharing and Collaboration Capabilities

You can share the photos you have saved on your cloud with anyone you want. This gives you a greater degree of flexibility when collaborating on a project with someone. You can also give your customers the option to have their pictures delivered digitally through the cloud instead of having them picked up from your store.

Multiple Backups

Cloud storage services such as DrivePop’s Online Backup provide multiple backups for your cloud. This ensures that your photos are saved on different virtual platforms. Even if there is any problem with the primary source, your files won’t be lost.

Easy to Categorize

You can organize the photos you save on your cloud in any way you want. You can arrange them by categories or create a separate folder for each client. There is no limit on this so you are free to do as you want.

The Cons

Cloud Storage is Pricey

Cloud storage services are pricey particularly when you are using them for your business. Though they aren’t necessarily expensive, compared to the other forms of backup, the cost might be higher for you. The basic principle here is that the more you store, the more you pay.

You Need High-Speed Internet

Your current internet connection might not be fast enough to ensure the smooth and quick uploading and downloading of files from the cloud. Generally, photographers don’t have much trouble downloading their pictures but it does take a lot of time to upload them. When you are creating the initial backup, it could take several days before all your files are stored safely on the cloud.

Some Providers Impose File Size Limits

Some cloud service providers limit the file size. You cannot upload a file that is bigger than the size they have assigned. This might be a problem for you if you have taken a high-definition, large-size picture. It might exceed the imposed limit and you won’t be able to back it up.

These are the pros and cons of cloud backup for professional photographers. As you can see, the pros comfortably outnumber the cons. Yet, the cons might be strong enough to deter you from using cloud backup. The final decision rests with you so keep these in mind when making it.

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