Qualcomm actively working on Windows 8 hardware

I was reading an article about Qualcomm Atheros and the philosophical debate about the future speeds for Wi-fi (emerging IEEE 802.11ac standard for delivering gigabit/speeds over 5 GHz ) and I realized I had never heard of that company before.

Who is Qualcomm Atheros? Qualcomm Atheros is a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm and a provider of wireless and wired technologies for the mobile, networking, computing and consumer electronics markets.

The article was in eetimes.com with William McFarland, vice president of technology for the Wi-Fi division of Qualcomm.

Here’s the pertinent part:

Separately, McFarland said Qualcomm is ahead of the pack of companies supporting Microsoft’s Windows 8 on ARM processors.
The company created “a substantial team” to support Windows 8 on its Snapdragon processors and “is very much in the lead for getting Windows 8 running on top of ARM,” McFarland said. “One of the first platforms for big Windows on ARM will be Snapdragon,” he said.
Microsoft is said to be working on four versions of Windows 8–one each for the x86, Snapdragon, Nvidia’s Tegra and Texas Instruments’ Omap processor. The initial ARM-based systems are expected to be mainly tablets, although some may deliver notebooks as well.
Qualcomm “wants to supply all the silicon in one of those platforms over time even the display,” said McFarland, pointing to the company’s Mirasol group.

There’s definitely excitement building for Windows 8.

  • Thomas Crown

    No shit..I work for a very large PC maker and I can tell you that they’re creaming their pants waiting for Windows 8 to come out..