Qualcomm has released more information about its upcoming Snapdragon processors for Windows 8 devices.

They announced that the next version of its Snapdragon range will power the very first Windows 8 computers, showing the potential for Windows 8 in the increasingly lucrative mobile device market.

Rick Lau, a staff product manager at Qualcomm confirmed in a video demonstration that the new processors will be dual-core. Lau did not give any indication of what kind of speed to expect, but it will likely be around 2.5GHz, easily beating the majority of processors in existing tablets on the market.

Lau said that Qualcomm and Microsoft have been working closely for over a year on the engineering to make the Snapdragon processors a perfect fit for the next iteration of Windows. “Qualcomm will provide one of the best user experiences for Windows 8,” he claimed.

Lau is also keen to point out the importance of Adobe Flash, which will be able to run on Windows 8 tablets, unlike the Ipad after Apple’s decision to pull support for Flash last year.


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  • http://www.djsmobiles.com/ DJRipster

    I remember that Microsoft said that they will only offer the Metro UI on ARM. I see the full desktop experience on this demo. Wonder if anyone can shed some light on this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000417188671 Akash Kalghatgi

    u will win this game msft
    m gonna sell my ipad 3 for which i collected 1000$ as as shit
    i was shocked to see something much better and stylish, innovative, beautiful , sexy, than ipad
    luv u windows 8!!!!