So I’ll make this really short and sweet.

We’re trying to collate all the unanswered questions about Windows 8.1 that you all may have and put together a Q and A section for y’all.

So, do you have Questions about Windows 8.1?

If you do, use the comments below to list your question and we’ll make sure that it gets answered in a timely manner.


It doesn’t matter how simple or silly your question may seem to you, there are probably other people wondering about the exact same thing so feel free to ask.

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  • Steve Kinnison

    How much will Windows 8.1 cost?

    • dksamuel

      from win 8 it is really free :))

      • Alberto Gorin

        don t know i have a evaluation copy still working

        • dksamuel

          WIn 8.1 update is available mainly from the Windows store, so your credentials should match for an upgrade, ( I upgraded without any problems) I feel an evaluation copy may not qualify for an upgrade, You may need to do a complete format and reinstall, losing all programs and data,
          Full program of Win 8.1 is US $ 120
 (both Download and DVD are the same price)

          but I think Win 8.1 is an upgrade and needs a fully authorised Win 8 installation before Win 8.1 can be upgraded, to prevent piracy.

          • Alberto Gorin

            i did do that with evaluation copy format it alllll
            if it will work after second format do not know
            i can buy windows 8.1 at mi computer store
            as long its working its working

  • Dewan Shrs

    after upgrading to windows 8.1, i cannot connect my mobile to connnectify hotspot, whats the problem?

    • Onuora Amobi

      Whats the error message and what mobile?

      • Dewan Shrs

        i have xperia p and it says authentication problem

  • dksamuel

    What is this widi and Miracast in Win 8.1 desktops, will they work in a normal desktop with Geforce video cards, Is buying a netgear PTV 3000 enough to get at least Miracast on a Large screen TV / projector through HDMI, (or do I need a wifi direct wifi card, will Win 8.1 use an existing card or should I buy a new compatible source wifi direct card)
    or do I need a Intel based system for widi, I am confused

  • Steve Jones

    I upgraded to Windows 8.1, I could not connect to my internet after the upgrade “why” so I uninstalled Windows 8.1 and went back to windows 8 and now I have internet. so what do you think happened?

    • Alberto Gorin

      i still have evaluation copy and had no problem

    • krug

      I had the same problem-couldn’t get IE to open nor my email. Funny thing was some of the installed apps that access the internet worked fine. I ended up reinstalling windows eight from the factory then I had to download 76 updates. I am waiting for November and I’ll try again.

  • Alberto Gorin

    i wander if windows 8.2 or 8.3 comes out
    will Microsoft put a real start menu can we boot direct to the desktop ?

    • Ray C

      I think the idea of the old start menu is DOA. We’ll probably be able to do everything we can do in 8.1, and they will continue to enhance Metro and it’s continuity with the desktop

    • Arthur Thompson

      Windows 8.1 will let you boot to the desktop

  • adamgosp

    Upgraded from Windows 8 to 8.1 and have endless problems with compatibility in IE11 and flash on certain sites displaying properly.

  • adamgosp

    IE11 freezes every so often as if it’s “thinking”.

  • adamgosp

    Still cannot access the Windows Store to download any new apps. It flashes to the red Store screen then reverts back to the Desktop!

  • Bill Smith

    I have a computer that I would like to sell. It originally had Windows 8.0 on it and I upgraded it to Windows 8.1. The restore image is Windows 8.0. In order to remove all the personal data, is it possible to restore the Windows 8.0 image, which will format the drive, then reapply Windows 8.1?

  • Brian Barnabas

    8.1 system image backup states that all my backup drives inc dvd drive do not have enough space and will not proceed to backup. All my drives have ample space. Microsoft Support have been unable to fix this problem.

  • anthony carter

    i get toolbars on firefox but cant get them on internet explorer

  • Tom Keerl

    I have tried to upgrade my HP laptop from 8.0 to 8.1 but hangs after reboot while getting devices ready. It then reverts back to 8.0. Am I out of luck or will Microsoft generate updates that might fix this?

    • David Freshwater

      Hi Tom refer to my reply to Frank Jaglowitz earlier. Sounds like the same problem.


      • Tom Keerl

        I have not been able to find these drivers. Where do I look to dsiable them on my Win8.0 Hp Pavilion dv5 laptop

        • David Freshwater

          Hi Tom, you disable them in device manager. Control panel – System.

          • Tom Keerl

            There was no graphic driver there. Can not find the driver that is bad – don’t want to randomly disable drivers

          • David Freshwater

            Sorry Tom, in device manager you need to look at display adapters. If there are 2 listed…..not sure with your model, but if there are two listed disable the AMD or Nvidia one, leave the Intel adapter enabled. Although I haven’t heard of any problems with Nvidia display drivers.
            Alternately you could try updating the display drivers, although this didn’t work for me as the official AMD drivers wouldn’t install.
            Good Luck


          • Tom Keerl

            The problem as not with the drivers (although I figured out how to update them) but that my restore point save size was at its maximum and the install could not set another restore point. That’s the good news.
            The bad news is that the install went much further until it was at the section’ setting up a few more things’ and then hung – error code 4000D.

          • Murray Crosswell

            Tom, not sure whether you managed to upgrade to 8.1 or not but I was having similar issues with a HP Pavilion dv5-1139tx.
            I had an unrelated issue with my laptop that forced me to rebuild (recover) it with a Windows 8 DVD. Once I got the PC running OK again with Windows 8, the upgrade to Windows 8.1 went smoothly apart from then losing mp3 playback capabilities. This issue was fixed with getting the last available IDT drivers from HP for the device and then ignoring subsequent updates to these drivers. Cheers, Murray.

  • Jean-Claude Bilodeau

    Since 8.1 came out I’ve been trying to upgrade my computer but I can’t find the software in the STORE, where can I find it??
    I am presently running Windows 8.1 Pro preview

  • Danelal Chickurie

    I have asked some question please answer back

  • Taranath Bhakta

    After updating to 8.1 I was forced to enter my msn email id to log in where as earlier it was not necessary and you had other options ,now I am reluctant to upgrade my desktop which I share with family. Why a start button now which has no function except when you right click

  • H D Jones

    Had problem in losing access to store app. Took microsoft techs (level 1 and 2) 4 hours to get it back and now my files are all over the user files. Not alone is happening to others and no fix or talk about it from microsoft.

  • Arulanandhan

    my os is windows 8.1 pro.
    how to open internet explorer in windows 8 mode even I open it in desktop also? (i.e) Always internet explorer need to open in windows 8 mode, as I feel its faster than desktop mode internet explorer.
    Also flash player issue is there in windows 8.1 pro some site o.k in some sites got a message to update flash player. How to fix this?

  • Prodigal Diablo

    I am unable to upgrade to WIndows 8.1 due to low download speeds in Windows Store. Can you provide a link to an ISO file?

  • Frank Jaglowitz

    My question is….. Does Microsoft intend to address the 0xC1900101-0x40017 error when upgrading to Win 8.1 or leave customers to figure it out by themselves??

    Tried many times to upgrade Win 8 to 8.1 on my Thinkpad X220 tablet. Get error 0xC1900101-0x40017 and it rolls back to Win 8. Apparently this is related to a driver problem

    Have searched net and posted msg on MS answers and followed all advice with no success. I have installed all Lenovo and Microsoft updates and disabled all unnecessary drivers.


    Frank Jaglowitz

    [email protected]

    • David Freshwater

      More than likely the graphics drivers. Just had the same problem with a out of the box hp with amd hd 8670 graphics. Ran 8.1 setup twice with same result as you, disabled the driver and re-installed no problems. Apparently this has been an issue with a number of notebooks loaded with bad drivers from a number of manufacturers.
      Well hope this solves your issues.



      • Frank Jaglowitz

        Thanks for the reply.
        I have a ThinkPad X220T and tried it again after uninstalling the “Intel HD Graphics 3000” adapter (the only one listed) and it failed with the same error.

  • Ted Hall

    Is there any real advantage to upgrading to 8.1 if you have 8.0 set up with third party apps and hacking the registry to emulate Windows 7 ? I found it more difficult to emulate Windows 7 under 8.1 than under 8.0 and have switched back to 8.0. Maybe my question should be: If you hate Windows 8.0 and find it too time consuming and expensive to go back to Windows 7, is there any real point in upgrading to Windows 8.1 ?

  • Stanley Park

    I installed Windows 8.0 Pro 64bit on an USB HDD using the Imagex method with all updates. In the Shop I can download Windows 8.1 but, it will not install because V8.0 is installed on an USB HDD. Is there any way of getting around this? I would really love to be able to do this.

  • Ray C

    What’s the simplest way to upgrade an Enterprise version or one activated with a KMS/MAK key to 8.1 if your software person hasn’t downloaded and created 8.1 ISOs yet? So far I’ve only seen two options that could possibly work, and I knew few people who bought Windows 8 keys from Microsoft, and it still won’t allow them to use them to download the ISO.

  • Christopher Stringer

    I have just upgraded from Windows8 to 8.1 and have faced endless problems with apps not working, windows store not available, network connection problems and more. Why was there not a compatibility check available as part of the install to warn of these problems. If I knew what was coming I would have stayed on 8 until I changed the laptop which I am likely to do within the next 3 months.

  • Carlton Katon

    I have some questions for you. The first question is this is there an easy way to create your own themes in Windows 8.1? Using your own pictures with the pictures in slideshow mode as normal? I also have a question about antivirus programs. I use trend Microsystems antivirus plus because I have a lifetime subscription to the purchase of this laptop computer. When I tried to install trend Microsystems antivirus program and Windows 8 it would only work for a short time before it was shut down by Windows defender. This time I have installed it with the new upgrade to Windows 8.1 and I have not encountered the same problem should I rest easy because what is installed now is antivirus +2014 and thank God is working smoothly. Is Windows defender just as good as this program? I am also curious to find out if you will publish a newsletter detailing the fun things you can do with the Windows 8.1?

    I only ask this because some people get caught up in the technical issues and forget about the day-to-day uses for a program and people’s day-to-day experiences with computers. The most important thing is their need to personalize their computers as their own whether they are a gamer, casual user or someone who works from home.

  • Geffery Curtis

    Why doesn’t mousekeys work with any of the metro apps?

  • shane howles

    I have a paid version of Windows 8.1 pro preview. How do i update without having to re-install all my programs.?

  • Juan

    unable to load pics to facebook. apparently, I am not running flash player or I don’t have a current version. either way, I hadn’t expected to run into this type of issue in the upgraded (better?) 8.1 windows version. please help.

  • Kevin Fyhr

    It seems as though in Windows 8.0 and Windows 8.1 the ability to connect wirelessly using a WEP connection is limited because you cannot put in a shared key. The “shared” ability or feature is now missing. I have a client who is still using WEP on their network and I am unable to connect while I am onsite without plugging in. Is there a workaround to connect with WEP using a shared key?

  • Dr. Michael Benjamin

    How do I get the full user interface touchscreen experience?
    Are there any recommended programmes?

  • Katerina

    I followed the instructions to upgrade but I can’t activate, I get error 0xC004F074, Any advice..

  • Steve Jones

    Well I am sticking to Windows 8, as this is work fine for me.

  • Nette StJohn

    I updated window 8 to 8.1 and now all I have on my laptop is a black screen NOT happy how do I fix this ????????

  • I upgraded to Windows 8.1 and since then I am having a problem with the keyboard.My input keyboard keeps getting shifted from the English (United States) to the English (UK). When this happens the @ and ” symbols reverse and so if I need to type @ I need to type ” and vice versa. I rectify this problem using the shortcut Windows key and Space but having to do this frequently is becoming a nuisance and I would like a more permanent solution.

  • abdul haris N

    my explorer have a problem after upgrade from W8 to W8.1 when I click the icon on the task bar the windows freeze for a while the back to normal screen but not goes to the directories. I still stuck up on this by now

  • Lowell Reichman

    IE is very instable. It keeps crashing and restarting.

  • archer

    sir, i already purchased windows 8 early in this yaer, an upgrade from my windows 7 ultimate. now i reformat my computer by using my windows 7 ultimate cd. how can i reinstall or reupgrade to windows 8 since i already purchased it?

  • chetan padashetty

    dear teacher’s I am using windows 8.1 in i5 3337U laptop but the battery time is reduced to 1hr 45min. approx. after installation of window’s 8.1 upgraded rather than window8 which had a battery life of around 3hr’s 50 minutes.

  • Wim van Poppel

    I have a problem for use the fax utility by w8.1 and office 365.
    Is there a bugfix or update for ?