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This may push me into fanboy status but I just saw a quote I had to share with you guys.

It’s on Forbes.com and it’s a quote from Eric Jackson, the founder and managing member of Ironfire Capital (a long/short and corporate governance-focused investment firm).

Speaking of Apple:

Jackson, whose firm owns 10,000 shares of Apple, anticipates other product launches as well. “I’m sure that there’s other stuff planned,” said Jackson. “These are guys that think at least 10 years ahead. They are all business. They’re just executing. They’re not stopping to invest in asteroid colonies or goggles or driverless cars or spending 16 board meetings to think about a triple-class share structure. They are just, ‘we’re gonna eat your lunch,’ and just execute, execute, execute. It’s a beautiful thing to watch as an investor.”

Scary but true.

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    I think you need a little dose of medicine to cut off the euphoria.  Read Forresters predictions.  They feel that without Jobs, Apple will go from being a great company to being a good company.  And for Apple, that ultimately spells doom.  I think there is something to what they are saying.  Jobs was the visionary that gave what you are talking about above, do they still have it without him, or will Forresters prediction be right.  Ultimately I think Forrester may be onto something.

    • http://www.windows8update.com/ Onuora Amobi

      That report only shows that Forrester are talking out of their *ss.

      Tim Cook may not be Steve Jobs but so far, he hasn’t done anything to shake confidence in the company’s ability to execute.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5WJGC7242GFDP2QXANKF5WTMEA Rex

        Well, you did pretty much declare this an OpEd piece.  We can however, further test your fanboy status with regards to Tim Cooks recent zinger of converging a toaster with a refrigerator.  If you agreed with him, you can consider your status secure.

        My opinion is either he is stupid, scared or trying to pull a Steve Jobs. I think we can all agree that he isnt stupid.  So I guess he is either trying to limit damage and prevent people from thinking in that direction until he has an alternative or he is just scared because they have nothing in the works set to come out in time to compete.  Basically not much difference between the two.  I think we can be sure that Apple will have to have a touch capable machine ready when mobile CPUs and desktop CPUs converge on their own, without MS control at all, there is no getting around this fact.  It is a matter of when, not if (this is where stupid would have fit in had he not realized this).

        To me it really looks like MS caught Apple flatfooted on this, and Tim knows it.  Of course we cant leave Steve Jobs out of this, Windows 8 was announced back then and he didnt see what MS was up to.

        My guess, if you were to answer it would be along the lines of “we’ll see”.  Yes, we will, but I am confident that we will be seeing Tim eat his zinger.

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