So I guess for the most part you guys and girls agree with me.

I wrote an article yesterday discussing how The Verge’s characterization of Windows Blue as (potentially) yet another new OS had to be wrong.

If it was right, it would be a disaster.

For the record, I am betting that the new Blue updates will be marketed as Service Packs.

I am hoping that the name and marketing for that (Blue) go away and Microsoft position this as just an update to Windows 8.


I think you all seem to agree that consumers have upgrade fatigue at this point.

What do you think of the Windows Blue speculation?

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  • Ryan Robinson

    I don’t mind the idea of upgrading every 1-2 years *if* the next changes are relatively minor after just having had a major upgrade with 8 and *if* it stays cheap (<$50 for the most expensive version). That's basically the Apple model and I don't have anything against it.

    • Onuora Amobi

      Yeah that’s fine.

      I guess I was having flashbacks of the abrupt move to Windows Phone 8 from 7.5 and 7.8.

      After a while, consumers just say forget it…

  • Rex King

    I am not sure. I think this could be like the Apple implementation. Get people and companies on a one year turn around so they dont get locked into every other version. The key will be in implementation. And this is where a possibly good idea can have catestrophic effects. To avoid this the paradaim must meet the following requirements.

    1.) Every version must be a continuation of the previous version like service packs.
    2.) No change iteration can have too much change that cause disorienatation.
    3.) No change can impact driver or application work.
    4.) These need to be part of the business subscription and consumer prices need to be around $20 or less to be successful.
    Based on these rules, there will still need major implemenations that will need to break these rules that can not follow the base which will cause delays in acceptance from businesses. But lets take that as a given
    Right now the biggest issue in my mind that makes this problemetic is that I dont feel RT is ready for this. RT was built for current tablet hardware, not future. True multitasking is a requirement and RT, current implementation does not fit the bill and I dont think the next OS upgrade can fix what needs to be fixed without breaking multiple of those rules if not all of them.