ReadWriteWeb – 11 Features to Watch for in Windows 8

Interesting article from ReadWriteWeb about Windows 8.

It’s called “11 Features to Watch for in Windows 8”

Obviously at this point, we’ve seen most of the stuff on the list but this was an interesting one..

3D Support

Last year a Microsoft enthusiast Francisco Martin posted the slides from a presentation on Windows 8. He claimed they came from an HP engineer in charge of vendor relations. Martin’s website has been taken down, but you can still view some of the Neowin and TechRadar.

According to the slides addressing multimedia, Windows 8 will include support for 3D. Companies like Lenovo already offer laptops with 3D displays and HTC just announced the EVO3D smartphone with glasses-less 3D support, so this may be old hat by the time the OS actually comes out.

Windows 8 3d support

That seems like it should be a no brainer in terms of software capabilities. Graphics cards today are absolutely able to handle that and CPU’s have more than enough power.

What do you guys think?

  • xinu

    Hmm, it would certainly be a logical step to take, however 3D technology is not mature yet. Large displays with glass-less technology are not perfect yet, they are rather painful to look at, so Microsoft might want to wait until 3d technology matures enough and becomes affordable and “enjoyable”.

    Its worth to keep in mind that 3d games already exist for windows.