Red Nokia Lumia 1520 Press Render Leaks Out

What good are Nokia leaks, both images and specifications, if they are not in color? Since the company had been waiting for the Windows Phone GDR3 update to be ready, some of its newest devices were lacking in the specifications department.

But the same cannot be said of the color of the recent Nokia products, most of which made user of the industrial finish and bright hues.

Now, however, Nokia is destined for the best of both worlds.

The company is ready to launch its first ever phablet, the anticipated Lumia 1520, and Nokia seems to be going all out not just in terms of hardware but also when it comes to color and design.

And when it comes to leaks, we got our first look at the large screen device about a month ago. That image showed the phablet in yellow color. Today another press render has leaked on the Internet, this time showing the 1520 in red.

This image, again, comes from the Twitter feed of known leaker of gadgets, @evleaks. The ev part of the name, I am guessing, denotes the word everything — keeping in mind that almost everything leaks out in his Twitter feed first.

Anyway, previous rumors on the matter have hinted that Nokia would be launching the Lumia 1520 in black, white and yellow, so a red option is an excellent addition.

Nokia is expected to make the phablet official later this month, and the phone will reportedly become available in the United States on November 8 at AT&T.