The Skype team at Microsoft is, for what it’s worth, tackling a few different ideas at once. And although progress has been slow, the various versions of Skye are catching up.

It is a bit of a balancing act.

Microsoft has to accommodate the user interface that is available on the various Skype mobile apps, with its modern design philosophy (Metro design, if you will). That has to be done in accordance with the specific desktop platforms in mind, the desktop flavors of Windows and Mac OS X.

And the company also has to closely follow the MSN Messenger (Windows Live Messenger) scheme too, as Skype is the replacement of these discontinued products.

Remarkably, the Skype team has done a tidy job of all this, by announcing and then delivering the beta versions of the redesigned desktop clients. The new user interface was released to public in this form earlier this month.

Now, the Windows version has dropped the beta tag.

Skype announced the general availability of this redesigned version of Skype on its blog. These include bug fixes that were present in the preview versions, fix the broken Facebook chat integration, among other things.

Additionally, the emoticons used for regular instant messaging have been enlarged.

You can grab version of Skype, as a freeware, obviously, here as a full version (42.5 MB), as an MSI installer (32.8 MB) via this link, or even download the web installer (1.5 MB) by going here.

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